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    Hi All,

    So my mum is eligible to apply got Motabiliy however she does not drive and does not have a driving licence. I do most of driving to take her to hospital appointments, shopping etc. I know I could get added on the scheme to drive her however we live in separate homes.

    I live 15 miles away from her.

    Can I still be eligible to add my self as a driver being in separate households?

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    Glos Guy

    Bobo – best to call Motability and ask the question. One of our daughters is a named driver and lives around 10 miles from us. She doesn’t drive the car, but I added her as a precaution as my wife (the Motability recipient) can’t drive now and I was worried what would happen if I was taken ill on holiday as my wife would be stuck. However, in your Mums case, she would need to do the maths on whether it’s worth joining the scheme. Even a car with zero advanced payment will cost her £10,000 over 3 years in sacrificed benefits. She could get a heck of a lot of taxis for that!

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    Probably at the least have a tracker fitted too. Had a friend who’s mother in law lived 1 mile away and required a tracker on vehicle

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