Motability car faults may take weeks to fix….

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    We have a Renault Kadjar which developed issues with loaing cabin heat as soon as the car got up to temperature. Renault dealer booked in after New Year and said OK to drive. New Years Eve developed major faults on the motorway. Gearbox overheating, stop / start failure, pollution warnings etc. Made it off motorway and RAC attended. All levels ok. Tried reset but faults kept coming back so towed to dealers where been ever since.

    Dealer fitted coolant sensor and housing said would fix but still not cleared all other faults (35 in total per RAC) Nearly 2 weeks later Renualt have requested videos and still have no idea whats going off

    Motability have been fab. Hire car minute aware ofissues but is a petrol and doing half what used to although im grateful to be mobile. Have to keep ringing to extend hire and no sign of an end date

    My issue is daughter (whos car it is) currently going through DLA to PIP transfer and already had 2 home visita cancelled by assessor and next not for another 10 days. Lease on vehicle ends 30th March. Cannot order new vehicle and very likely will have to go through MR possibly tribunal so will need Motability to extend lease (had cars for 9 years so would extend 6 months)

    My question (sorry for rambling) is if the car cannot be fixed quickly would Motability continue hire car or expect Renault to provide an alternative unyil back on road and if the car cannot be fixed would they end the contract eatly and if do how does that leave us because going through renewal

    Really worried we will end up without a car and due to heart, breathing and fainting issues my daughter cannot use public transport alone and we couldnt get to her weekly appointments without access to a vehicle.

    Has anyone experienced something similar. The RAC man.said he had never seen a car with so may.faults and it was likely the advice to continue driving when the heating failed had lead to the other issues


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    Sorry to hear about your problems. I had a kadjar diesel auto for three years. Not a single problem.

    Your best bet is to talk to motability.

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    Lord Muc

    Given the list of evidence of faults, Why don’t you tell motobility, that you have lost faith in the vehicle, and you are not confident in driving it anymore, I am sure they would agree to an early termination. They will also allow you continue with a hire car. If you lose your entitlement, for any reason, then the car goes back anyway, then it’s up to you and motobility to discuss and decide on the options, of how you move forward. In the short term, you may be allowed to keep the car for a period of time, but then, you may have to pay the lease fees back if you rejoin, or, if you think you would win a MR. hand it back straight away, and rejoin the scheme, if an appeal is successful.

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    ThTs exactly what happened to my current Tiguan – went in 10 times and they still couldn’t sort it – Motability agreed to an early termination. I’ve ordered again – another Tiguan.

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    Alan Harrison

    Need some help if possible,

    I have a tucson 69 plate 7 months old 4000 miles on the clock. The other week the car broke down and the RAC recovered us to our local dealer. RAC comfirmed a number of faults through inspection and fault codes. The next day the dealer phoned to say the was fixed no faults founds. I contacted motorbility and voiced my concern and the car was moved over 50 miles to another dealer who couldn’t identify a fault as the fault codes had been deleted. I ended up having to go and pick the car up and drive it home. I had a very dangerous drive home with no power in the car for example 7mph up hill at one point. RAC attended yet again and recovered the car to another dealer and now they can’t work out what’s wrong they are guessing the injectors but not to sure. I’m not wanting the car back as it is dangerous to drive and scary I have told motorbility that if the car is returned I won’t be driving it and I’m scared that I have issues again like the other day or my other half who is disabled has the issues. The car will be parked up for the next 2 half years and I will go buy a cheap car that I know is safe.

    Is there anyway I can hand the car back due to not feeling safe and feeling scared in the car it’s taken 3 main dealers to look at the car one deleted the codes the other couldn’t fix it as they didn’t have any codes and the 3rd is now guessing what it could be. The car could still be a danger on the road and the RAC deemed it unsafe to drive

    Is there any magic words I can say to motorbility to get them to lisson I’ve been as polite as I can with them but can’t seem to get them to lisson.

    Any advice would really help

    Thank you

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    72 dudes

    Is the Tucson diesel or petrol?

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    Paul west

    I have a very similar problem. I took delivery of my Nissan quashkai two days before Christmas. Christmas Eve I needed to go shopping and it came up with gearbox fault stop start fault and a couple of other warning lights. It took the rac five hours to attend to tell me it’s too new to connect to their diagnostic and they will collect it after Christmas to take it to the dealership. No alternative transport available until after Christmas. The car went into the dealership 5 times and they couldn’t find anything wrong. Motobility sent out an engineer who within moments of driving it diagnosed a gearbox fault. Motobility says I can reject the car as faulty because Nissan can’t fix it but they won’t let me have a new lease because my pip award is only till August this year. It’s currently going through the renewal process and they’re saying it will probably take at least 9 months to be decided. I very much doubt I’ll lose my pip allowance but because I haven’t got a minimum of 12 months of award they can’t help me. So because I got a faulty car when I had plenty of award period I now am going to be without a car because I can’t keep the hire car once the car goes. Doesn’t seem fair to me

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