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    Can you believe it had the car 20 days now We knew there were issues, like A/C doors windows etc and most importantly the drive was terrible, but we love the EV and the saving and it takes the wheelchair etc etc. So booked her in to be checked and to be perfectly honest I thought they would come back and say it was perfect what do you expect now get on with it you moaner. But no firstly there was no gas in A/C not was there a leak literally no gas had ever been put in it. No grease on doors windows etc literally dry so all sorted? No they tested car and we showed them a video of the suspension they were not happy and contacted factory, more tests required car has now been gone 3 days and they are still trying to establish if it’s even safe. We have no idea at this point if it will even come back when it was collected we thought it would be back that day. So now MB trying to find a suitable hire car for us whilst we wait to see but the garage is suspicious in their reactions when we call now. Fingers crossed it will be safe and all can be fixed as it’s perfect for our needs. Plus it would be nice to try a working version.

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    sounds pretty dodgy to me. how that got out of a factory is unbelievable. i’d be wanting a brand new replacement.

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    It’s surprising considering Peugeot is actually kinda up there in customer satisfaction – they wouldn’t be if their cars were duds.

    Now, i don’t know if they build their Vans (i think it was a van?) to the same level/care as their passenger cars.

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    Update it’s on its way back will need suspension later but safe so good news

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    How did it pass its PDI!


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    Mark Holland

    We were surprised how little is checked on the PDI that said, the garage picking up the pieces is not the supplying dealer and they have been brilliant at helping with the issues. Thing is no one wants to loose a car at the moment as who knows when you would get another so better to have a good repair shop on your side.


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    Glos Guy

    Sounds like a Friday built car to me! With all due respect, it sounds like a complete dud that needs rejecting. Cars that start their life like that can have a history of recurring problems. I wouldn’t be suckered into getting carried away with it being an EV and spacious. It sounds as though the build quality is atrocious and as has been suggested it may be built to van standards rather than car standards. I had to hire a Peugeot van recently to move one of our daughters and it was dog rough and nothing remotely like the Peugeot cars I have driven. I’d get rid if I were you.

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