Leave and rejoin scheme?

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    We have around 10 months left on my daughters motability lease. None of the current cars seem very suitable as a replacement for our current VW Allspace 4WD diesel. If we choose to leave the scheme and maybe purchase the Allspace for the time being, what are the rules for rejoining the scheme at a later date if a suitable replacement finds its way onto the scheme? Do we have to wait a certain period of time? Any help appreciated.

    Many thanks…

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    As far as I’m aware, you can rejoin the scheme any time you like in the future.

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    I believe you can rejoin anytime.

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    Yes you can rejoin anytime, as long as you have minimum 12 months remaining on your PIP.

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    I am leaving the scheme and terminating early, just got to call them back to finalise it, once i know exactly when my new car is ready to exchange for their’s it’s all arranged. I’m dropping the car to the dealer i buying from and they doing the exchange, albeit for a car i will own.

    As I’ve been on the scheme for a while and never changed early before fee is only £50 not £250. Our current car just is not as suitable as it was and the car we buying is not on the scheme in the format we want.

    I’ve never asked how much the car is to buy in 11 years of being on the scheme, but i have heard on here they not as cheap as you could get one of the same spec and mileage on the second hand market. Plus you’d have to pay the whole amount to buy it from Mb, which is not really an option for many.

    You can rejoin anytime an they did say if i was to termainate again, it would be £250.

    My new car will be arriving in 3 to 4 weeks from last weds when i agreed to buy it, payed a small deposit and was accepted for the finance. Which is much better than the long waits for new cars on the scheme many are suffering and that’s not really an option for us and is why were terminating early.

    Plus i don’t see things getting any better sooner for the scheme, even if more cars come back onto the scheme, what will the ap’s be (high i’d imagine) and for me that’s dead money, like renting a house.

    Whole process has been really easy though. Part of me is sad to leave the scheme but logically for us it’s the right thing to do.

    Another option for you might be to extend for another 2 years if you coming up to 3 years and pretty much they will allow it during these uncertain times, if no car is available. But again, i don’t see that as good value for us as we paying the same for an older car as for a new one, taking aside any Ap. Right now though to many ap’s are too high for me to justify leasing and car we are getting on hp not pcp is at 0% apr so a real bonus.

    Most new car loans are between 5% & 8% apr, I’ve been looking and that’s what pushed me towards the car we getting obviously it’s not probally suitable for yourselves but it’s a huge differrence, if an 0% offer for a larger 7 seater did become available that was suitable and affordable for yourselves.

    Pcp deals are cheaper but I’d rather pay more and own it at the end and then i might keep it even longer.


    Goodluck though with whatever you decide to do..


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    I left the scheme for reasons I won’t go into now but when I left I took the golden handshake, can’t remember how much that was now, maybe £2k, but could not rejoin for 6 months. I don’t think that help is available any more so you can rejoin at anytime.

    I assume you know there’s an VW Allspace still on Motability though of course very expensive AP to boot but I think things might start to improve in 10 months but unfortunately I don’t think the AP’s will.

    A warning here, Motability will want an over the odds price for your Allspace with a price that matches any franchise dealer forecourt but without and warranty and your only advantage buying from them is you know the car and how it’s been treated since new.




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    I assume you know there’s an VW Allspace still on Motability though of course very expensive AP to boot but I think things might start to improve in 10 months but unfortunately I don’t think the AP’s will.

    It’s a petrol and currently they have a diesel, we actually gone petrol now after years of having diesels on the scheme, as we not doing the mileage we was and kept getting dpf regenerations was need.

    £3799 ap over 36 months is another £105.52 on top.

    Even if you take off the £600 gcb + £250 new car otp / £850 off it’s still £81.91 a month extra above the allowance to lease it..

    Which is why i am leaving as well. Gaps closing between owning imo and making it a more viable option, than before.

    Think they still do the GH if you lose your allowance, i know my brother decided to keep the car longer which he had for my mum and got less..

    Shocking treatment not by mb but the dwp, they’ll use anything they can to remove your allowance.

    My mum they took away her mb element when swapping her to pip and made her reapply and they then said she did not qualify as she was pension age, but under dla if you had it before you still got it after, at the same time she was suffering early stages of dementia. Sadly she no longer with us either .

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    Hi rox

    I said when I ordered he SWB Tiguan that I would drop it and go for the Allspace should it return to Motability and when it did it was the base model (Life) so wasn’t prepared to pay that sort of AP for a base model however I’ve also changed my scooter to an auto folding type that takes up very little room in the boot so the big boot or 7 seats cars are not so important for me now.

    Yep agreed on the DWP treatment and the deaths they have caused and along with the Covid bonus HMG are saving a small fortune in PIP and pensions in not having to pay all those victims. My PIP tribunal at then 68 years old was the worst thing to ever happen to me in my life time and will never ever forgive them for what they put me through but I feel lucky I got through it.

    If I was 10 years younger I would go down the buy road too but can’t risk lending all that money today as I don’t think time is on my side.




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    My PIP tribunal at then 68 years old was the worst thing to ever happen to me in my life time and will never ever forgive them for what they put me through but I feel lucky I got through it.

    I just couldn’t face a tribunal. I was 2 months away from my kidney transplant feeling completely wiped out and far too stressed to fight the decision.

    The assessment was a complete joke. The thing that lost my mobility element when transitioning from DLA to PIP was the fact that the assessor said she “couldn’t” read my application form and wouldn’t give me time to answer questions fully. She kept prompting me that she was going finish late as the cases before had run late (I’d already realised this due to the fact I’d been waiting well over an hour, feeling dreadful and in a lot of pain).

    She wrote in the report that I said I could walk none-stop for 60 secs and she saw me walk at a normal pace. Both untrue. I said 12 footsteps and I certainly walk at a very slow pace.

    I only scored points for things relating to my hands. This actually gained many points as almost all the physical tasks in the “care” component involve using hands. I received high care component.

    The crazy thing is, when I received the requested report, it showed that it was the receptionist who had noticed the poor use and shakiness of my hands when she offered me a plastic cup of water so I could take my pain killers.

    Basically the application form and assessment gave me 0 points, yet being offered a glass of water gave me 15 points.

    Just goes to show how ridiculous these assessments are.

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    Thank you all for your responses. Think I may ask for a price when the time comes. I bought our previous Audi Q3 and whilst not a bargain, I found the cost was reasonable and certainly less than the dealer wanted for an equivalent model at the time…

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