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    Hi all, I am not a wheel chair user but I bought a rather large fishing chair a week or so ago. I could not get it to fit in the boot at first. Then remembered I had dispensed with the preformed containers under the false boot floor before soundproofing it. I took the false floor out and lo and behold the seat just dropped in the space. The seat according to the manufacturer is 65cm x 80cm. I don’t know how that compares to a wheelchair, but it gives people an idea of how much space is under there. Even with the seat in there, the false floor almost fits as it did, just a cm or two raised on one side. I hope the info helps anyone thinking of a Kona EV, wheelchair user of not. I can say, for my disabilities, it’s the most comfortable car I have driven. And one of the most entertaining.

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    Great car, and I can fit my SupaScoota Sport mobility scooter in the boot with the floor up (to aid access. The Sport breaks down into bits.

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    Excellent and good pic too.

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