iX2 on the scheme

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      Had a look at this car before it was allowed to be in dealerships, personally I don’t get the hate it gets from all the YouTube/online car journalists for its looks, yes the back side profile could’ve been slightly better but I think it’s interesting

      I don’t think it’s practical enough for us and it’s a shame there isn’t one that comes with the msport plus package (I think that’s what it’s called can’t be bothered to go check lool) as it looks better with that

      ix1 more practical, I’m 6’1 and had to tuck in my head to get in

      i do hope prices for these evs drop in the coming quarters

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      Glos Guy

        I had a look at the identical X2 and agree with your comments. Personally I like the looks of it, especially the rear which is a marked improvement on the rather awkward rear end of the X1 / iX1, but it was totally impractical. I’m 6ft 2 and trying to get in the rear was extremely difficult. I had to bend my head down onto my chest so much it was really uncomfortable and, once you were in, it was cramped. The boot is also compromised. Given a choice I’d go for the X1 M-Sport but I’d want a petrol one, or the PHEV as a compromise, but all we are offered at the moment is the iX1 which I eliminated after a full day test drive. 😞

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