Is anyone sleeping more?

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    I wish I could hibernate during this terrible time in our lives, but I must say I am sleeping a lot more than usual.

    When I’m not sleeping I’m tired lol.

    I had a look at the symptoms of the viruses of the last century and I think i have Spanish flu lol, that got me thinking, if your a hypochontriac does it mean you can’t catch anything lol.

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    i think when you look up symptoms i start to think oh iv got that one and that one , so know i do my best not too,

    i am sleeping all the time know

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    Which Mobility Car

    I hurt my back last week, a combination of the Joe Wicks exercise in the morning and then trying to fix the leaking washing machine and removing some outside decking to clean out the drain.  I’m trying to keep it moving as that was the advice given when I really hurt my back a few years ago. I thought this was the reason I am so tired but perhaps not, this is the reason I am so grumpy however.

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    I’m staying in my bedroom more, so I’m laying down more which has a positive result of reducing my pain levels. As others have said I feel more tired but this is probably down to extra warmth and comfort, but I don’t think I’m sleeping more.

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    I’m not sleeping more but I’m staying in bed longer watching TV, not the scaremongering stuff on breakfast TV but some old films on the Sony Classic Movie channel, that or streaming from Netflix or Prime.

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    Just woke up from another 2 hours beauty sleep, just checked the mirror ………….. it hasn’t worked lol.

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    Menorca Mike

    I’d say I sleep for 6 hours how long do others sleep for ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    most nights i manage 4hrs without waking in one go, but invariably over 8 hrs i wake at least 3 or 4 times either because of pain or disturbed sleep. sometimes it means i then have to have a nap in an afternoon but thats usually 2hrs max.

    the joys of arthiritis and ptsd. lol.


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    I’ve tried to get out every other day for some sort of exercise in the fresh air – although managed to overdo it last Friday getting the lawnmower started after its winter hibernation (pull-start petrol model).

    In between I’m either doing housework or baking bread.  Both are surprisingly good at getting a sweat going.

    After my outside days, I can sleep for 6-8 hours overnight before being woken by a full bladder.

    After my indoor days, I’m lucky to get 3 hours in any stretch.

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    Im sleeping less..4 hours a night if im lucky before this I got a solid 6 hours a night and was happy with that.

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