insurance refund payment.

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    Had an email from motorbility yesterday about the £60 insurance refund payment.Informing me it will be in account in 5 working days.

    They was wrong, it was 1 day lol appeared in my account already.


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    Had nothing yet, but my surname begins with W, bet I’m pretty much last in the queue, I read it could take up to a fortnight.

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    Still not got mine and my name begins with A

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    just got an email saying mine will be in bank within 5 days.

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    What’s this refund about guys I’m literally new to the scheme just put in an order for a motability car

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    Because of travel restrictions and COVID, insurance payouts have gone down so Motability’s insurers are giving some back to its customers.  It was £50 last year, £60 this.

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    £10 increase compared to last year is of course welcome so thank you motability.

    It’d be good if others followed suit. An example being the one-off Christmas bonus from the DWP which has been set at £10 from its inception five decades ago.   While £10 was considered a large sum of money in 1972, it is not enough to help with the cost of Christmas today. Anti-poverty charity Turn2us has urged the Government to increase the bonus in line with inflation, saying it should be worth around £130 now.

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    It was the Heath government that gave that £10 in 1972 as a one off payment when inflation was rampant.  Successive governments kept it going until it became permanent around 1979 I think. Despite it being a payment introduced because of inflation, it seems the effect of inflation on it wasn’t considered!

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    Glos Guy

    I always laugh at the £10 Christmas bonus. It must cost as much to administer it!

    £60 insurance rebate received into my bank account this morning. As I’ve said on another thread, I now look forward to the £2,000 rebate based upon the inflated used car prices that Motability will be benefiting from (to the tune of far more than £2,000 per car, but we mustn’t be greedy). What? You don’t think we will get that? 🤔😂

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