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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>As Direct Line Group are to take over the insurance for motorbility  ,the part on the statement below”provide increased flexibility”</p>
    Meaning what?any ideas?


    Andrew Miller, Chief Executive Officer at Motability Operations, said:

    “As well as future-proofing our service, the new insurance proposition will offer the potential to grow the Scheme and provide increased flexibility to customers. We are confident these arrangements with DLG position us well to support the continued delivery of worry-free motoring and value for money to our customers.”


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    It just means they got a cheaper deal with Direct Line.

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    Under the current Motability insurance your personal possessions aren’t covered, you can’t driver other cars and no-one else can drive your car under their own insurance cover.  Maybe Direct Line will be offering some of those things as optional extras.

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    That would be welcome Wigwam.

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    The not covering of Personal Possessions with the current RSA policy has always seemed very unfair and pretty stupid to me

    With the majority of us being disabled and probably having some type of mobility issues making an extra trip or 2 from the car to house and back seems unnecessary and avoidable

    a quick example using myself would be my drone , I’ve got it in a nice case with the spare batteries, blades , charger etc  etc, then that fits snuggly into a rucksack

    I’d quite a happily leave it in my car from time to time to save me some hassle , I’ve got me on my crutches , dog and our own bags to get into the car if we are going out for the day – on the way home we could pop into visit my mum or a friend and again then having to make sure the drone isn’t left in the car is a pain in the arse

    I mean it’s not like I have a massive sticker on the car saying “I have a drone in the car – it’s under the back seats – help yourself “

    Like any sensible person it would be completely out of sight

    same goes for my sunglasses, I know we aren’t blessed with bright sunshine in Bonnie Scotland but I’ve got light sensitivity issues and really benefit from wearing my sunglasses on those bright overcast days which we do get a lot of

    i got a pair of prescription polarised  Oakley sunglasses a few years back that make a massive difference and they were about £550, again I’d rather just leave them in the car most days – the amount of times I get into the car and then realise they are still in the house! Ggrrrr

    i don’t live in a busy city centre and in all my years of driving I’ve never had a car broke into ( touch wood )

    but It really would make my life a bit easier if these things could be left sensibly in the car when I needed them to be, knowing that if the worst came to the worst that I’d be covered

    im one of those people that if going somewhere or doing something I need to be super organised , get it all planned and have the car all prepped for going and everything has its space , would be so much more helpful if personal possessions were covered and I/we could do this the night or hours before

    I’m sure I can’t be the only one who feels that way

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    @Winston Great post. It really sums up the stupidity of personal possessions not being covered in your car. I know you could make a claim on your house insurance, but that will have a cost in terms of excess and increased premiums.

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