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    Which Mobility Car

    While I was out with the dog, I thought to myself the one thing that would improve things would be if we could remotely, via a smartphone, pre heat the car, not the engine but the seats, steering wheel, mirrors and windscreen.

    Why has this not been developed? would it take too much out of the battery? If so it should be an option to have a second battery fitted.

    Obviously in the future all cars will have this option as they will all be electric powered. But I might not get to take advantage of that future.


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    Planning on going somewhere wmc?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Which Mobility Car

    I’ve not been well, self diagnosed ear infection. So being a bloke I’ve only got days left.

    Really I’m just sad at the expansion of the hybrid into mild. All cars will now be mild hybrid which suits the car companies as they can keep flogging us internal combustion engines and all the servicing and negatives they bring.

    electric = simple. Hybrid = complicated

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    The term mild hybrid should be banned, its a con but what do we expect from our car manufacturers, honesty, no chance.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    My I3 does all that preheating you can set it in the car, set it on your phone and even program a spare button on the key fob to do it! Never scraping again lol

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    Those pre heating options sound like something that should have been done by now eh?

    ive got the hive thermostat in my house so I can control the heat/temp from anywhere in the world ( usually my pals house 8 miles away lol )

    so setting the heat and car to defrost in the car while we are still nice n cosy indoors would be great!

    not sure about the rest of the UK but it’s -4 here right now and my car looks like an ice cube!

    i recently made a little change via Carista to enable to keyless fob to work whilst the ignition/engine is on

    so I can nip outside turn the car on, seat the blowers on full and heated seat if I want , lock it and nip back indooors for 5 or 10 mins safely in the knowledge that the car is locked and my alki upstairs Neigbhour isn’t sitting in it thinking he’s in his flat lol

    not anywhere near as handy as remote heating etc, but it’s better than nothing and saves me freezing my Costa Del Sols off in the car

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    Ian nobody likes a smart ass 🥵

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    I know! Just batting for the i3 because it’s small,has nowhere to charge and doesn’t go far enough according to some lol!

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    Did I say it has the weather on the media centre, full Spotify and BBC news on the big screen aswell?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Car envy.

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    Well done Ian it’s a great choice 👍

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    The Hyundai fully electric would suit your criteria.

    The Phev model could also be a contender ?

    “The new IONIQ features Hyundai Blue Link, a connected vehicle system which uses embedded telematics to allow drivers of IONIQ Electric to remote start and stop, while all versions allow remote lock or unlock and control air conditioning via a smartphone app. This technology also allows owners of the plug-in or electric model to remotely check the status of their battery so they know when they need to recharge the vehicle. Thanks to Blue Link, charging can be remotely controlled and scheduled via the app.”

    I’ve ordered the mild Hyundai Ioniq First Edition……don’t think setting the heating remotely is a possibility on my car…..but who knows…..I may be able to tweak Blue Link ?

    I have more questions than answers but I do wish you well with the search.

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    Pre-heating was one of the thing’s that was attracting me to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEW along with it’s usable 28 mile electric only range but it wasn’t to be because the electric motors under the boot floor restricts its ability to carry a pavement scooter fully assembled and the middle row seats are not slide versions as they are in the petrol and diesel version.

    In the Scandinavian countries where they really know about snow and ice you could order a pre-heater in the diesel VW Golf ‘s but I don’t think I’ve seen it here.

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    Not just Scandi countries, most of Northern/Eastern Europe has the option to add pre-heat via a small petrol/diesel engine, the car manufacturers all do it, they have to, but its mostly not offered in the UK as we just don’t get cold enough. One or two manufacturers offer it though I can’t remember who. Not cheap at around £800+

    Its all subjective. My brother returned to London from Dubai in the summer. He wore a jumper and jacket complaining of the cold while the news is declaring a heatwave, 31 degrees. His 5.7ltr Land Cruiser allows remote engine starting via an app, he uses it to cool the car down…

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    Which Mobility Car

    The term mild hybrid should be banned, its a con but what do we expect from our car manufacturers, honesty, no chance.

    When the government said no more petrol or diesels at 2040 – seems they forgot about hybrids, and mild hybrids?

    Electrification and the Motability Scheme

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