How you feeling today?

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    Got my Covid jab a fortnight ago tomorrow. Been feeling unwell for about a week so got a test the other day and it came back negative, phew! However still have sore throat, temperature, cough and dizziness with bouts of lightheadedness and sore heads. I think I might have a ……….cold. Can you get a jab for that lol.

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    Got my COVID jab yesterday last night I felt terrible all night

    I couldn’t heat up I was all sore to touch sore all over headache felt sick food smells made me feel sick I couldn’t eat I was sick and so tiered .

    and this is meant  to help you

    iv been sleeping on and of all day today

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    That’s the way to recover martinod rest as much as possible then try and give yourself a treat, something to look forward to. Could be something on the TV, or if your up to it, a nice meal, maybe a takeaway of your choice.

    After what you’ve gone through taking each day as it comes is the only way forward.

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    If it is any comfort, the cold symptoms do go away. Mrs T and I both went through the whole snivelly, feeling-sore-all-over thing. Gone now, some four weeks after the jab. Took about two weeks to clear. As Brydo says, Martin, take each day at a time. Things will get better…

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    Myself and my wife had ours a week last Wednesday, wife no problems, me a tender arm for a couple of days. We’re the same with the flu jabs.

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