how stupid are people??

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    on several news feeds there are stories of coastal towns,the highlands and snowdonia being full!!!! yes full so many visitors they have had to turn people away and close beaches and theyre talking about closing car parks, as if that will stop them.

    is there something in the water or have IQ’s dropped so low recently. what part of isolate dont these people get?


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    I have just been reading the same stories about Skegness and Scotland. Honestly these people just do not care.


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    the skegness one made me chuckle, i live in a park home and i did consider getting one in ingoldmells just outside skegness but decided against it as half the site were holiday homes rather than residential.

    apparently people that have holiday homes have decided they will isolate there rather than at their main residence. theres stories of west country second home owners filling areas that would normally be quiet this time of year.

    skegness councillor was asking for the arcades to be closed as they were rammed yesterday. only in skeggy lol.

    there were so many people in snowdonia it was impossible for them to keep the distance apart your supposed to be even approach roads had cars parked both sides.

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    Leaving the door wide open for the army to get involved, fools the lot of them.

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    I’m watching the motorbikes go by on the main road down the hill today, the A24 from London to Worthing.

    Most of these bikers will be going out to enjoy a ride in the fresh spring air, in the sunshine, they will likely fuel up at a Pay at The Pump without taking their gloves off, & they will likely be carrying a flask of coffee. I’m not sure these people are spreading any contagion & are likely no risk.

    Then I see a very few cars packed with luggage & family, but I think many of these will be families retrieving students from university digs, yes, potentially a high risk of contagion, but what happens in 3 months when everywhere is locked down & the students vacate their digs for the summer anyway? Perhaps they’re right to be returning to their families now.

    Yes, there are a very few camper vans & no doubt cars full of families vacating rented London flats for their owned coastal cottages, but why would you stay in London paying rent on a property you don’t need because you’ve been laid off or can work from home?

    As for people going on holiday, well, that really is stupid.


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    Unfortunately our “must have” and “Me, Me, Me” society has ceased to care about others. This “I’m alright Jack so sod the others” attitude needs to be reversed and Covid-19 might be the means to a more caring society when it is finally contained.

    Sadly there is going to a lot of pain, suffering and worse inflicted before the lesson is learnt.

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    Living on a beautiful island with loads of tourist accommodation and second-homes a couple of points stand out.

    Firstly, some people still think that don’t travel is just for foreign travel.

    Secondly, some people don’t understand that it is very possible to have the virus, be infectious and never get any major symptoms at all.

    Thirdly, people haven’t realised that heading to remote/rural areas may well make them more at risk as there just aren’t the hospital beds/GPs/nurses to cope with an increased population and so may well find themselves at the back of any health queue and also many won’t be able to draw on local community support.

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    bcoandc, you make some good points in your post. Cheers.

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