How much does mileage affect car prices?

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    After a year like we’ve had, all motability cars will be returned with far fewer miles recorded on the clock.

    How much does mileage affect the sale price of a car?

    Will motability enjoy a Covid-19 windfall and if so what should they do with it.

    1. Reduce AP’s

    2. increase the “Good condition bonus”

    3. Pass it on to motability charity

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    How about all 3 ? I have only managed 5k in 18 months Thanks to Covid and Hospitalisation.

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    I remember when you used to get extra bonus for returning a low milage vehicle,  milage is the prime factor for increasing residual retained value,  I have done 3.5k since October 2019,  one of motability vehicles I gave back with over 100k in 1995

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    Mike Cooper

    4. Keep stum and hope nobody notices.

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    It’s a good point you make – I think all 3 should be under serious consideration by Motability operations (MO).

    the much lower mileage, wear & tear  will indeed increase residual values.

    I appreciate, albeit have strong views, on the big banks who bankroll the scheme & the huge profits made by MO.

    there also needs time be more transparency on the senior MO staff remuneration and bonuses.

    I also feel that the charity arm of Motability  needs to be more transparent, over and above the basic requirements under charity law & charity commission reporting etc..

    As always, the scheme & having had several vehicles over the years,  has made a massive difference to my quality of life & options – so I fully endorse the scheme.

    but like any organisation / complex logistical operation, there is always room for improvement in function, operation, service and focus.



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    Very hard to get an exact price (for free) but looking around the country to see what my Motability car with its low mileage is worth against one with higher mileage and I’m seeing about £1,000 difference, very roughly.
    Its easy to get the same model match and year but a bit harder to get the condition of the cars from photographs and trim level but somewhere around a thousand is about right I think.

    Not sure about Motability though but I thought I’ve read in the past that its the dealers who make any extra on the cars worth be it, low mileage or all the extras me and you pay for when we order the cars, for instance, we might add heated seats for £500 to the trim of any given model but Motability sell the cars at the trim level and disregard any extra’s so does that apply to mileage too.

    My average return milage after 3 years is around 18,000 > 19,000 but this year with the car returning in October I think the milage will be about 15,000 > 16,000 or less if we have any more lockdowns.



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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I doubt Motability car mileages are any different to any other car mileages over the past year. When it comes to reselling 3 year old cars mileages will generally be lower than expected in the past. Price depends on market conditions and unlikely to be much affected by a general lowering of mileage.</p>

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