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      Enjoying a break at Seashore Haven in Great Yarmouth this week only Mon to Fri but down to 2 dogs now so rather than kennels thought we could bring them with us. Pretty good deal £350 for 5 adults and 2 dogs in a 3 bed caravan inc entertainment.

      Yeah it’s only 40 odd miles from home but it’s a change and it’s cheap. Kids and wife have gone to Pleasurebeach today and I’m dog sitting with the TV lol.

      Pretty surprised how cheap Haven is and its loads nicer than it was a few years ago. If you’re after a cheap holiday I recommend Haven and Park Dean too.  There’s lots of nice people and minimal scumbags.

      This ones nice it’s literally on the beach step straight from caravan park to the beach.

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          I like Park Dean as they have wheelchair accessible caravans at almost all their parks.


            Yeah the haven sites are really good too the Mil used to need that level. Nice and flat here too you can literally travel from here to the pleasurebeach without any hassle or hills etc.

            They even have EV chargers at 50p/kwh

            Avoiding school hols you can get dead cheap, Sept here Mon to Fri from £135 for a caravan brilliant if you can do term time


              Used to take the kids to Haven in the 90’s, made some good memories with them 🙂

              My daughter still remembers when we went to Ayr, I remember because I got a massive toothache and a very nice dentist sorted it out, she did such a good job I bought her a bunch of flowers!.

              As for my daughter, when we got there the caravan they gave us was, shall we say, “lacking in every respect”, after a long “discussion” with reception and their “we don’t have anything else” I found the park manager and we had a nice chat, they soon found us another one.  When we got there and went inside it was a top of the line brand new “Rory Tiger” special with custom decorations and bedding etc. she was very happy indeed, to top it off she also won a Rory Award statue that week, mainly I think due to one of the staff knocking her over while she was on stage in front of everyone! 🙂

              I’ve been over to Majorca with my daughter, friends and even my ex-wife 5 times in the last 14 months or so but now I’m trying something different!.   I booked a weeks cruise to Norway with my daughter at the start of October!  No sooner booked it and she rang me at 2:30am to say she’d realised she was away that week!  Long story short,due to the ridiculous costs to re-book it I’m now going with my ex wife instead!

              Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!

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