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    I have been with Motability since 1994. My last vehicle had to go back after just 4 months due to the car having lots of problems.

    Due to the car having to go back early (I now have another) I’m receiving only part of the good condition bonus as have been informed it goes by the length of time you have the vehicle however if the vehicle hadn’t had lots of problems I’d still have it

    I’m not bothered   for me its the principle . My cars are always returned in immaculate condition. Just feel I’m being penalised for the car having to go back early for reasons that are not my fault

    Also I’m sure when I spoke to a manager a few weeks ago I’m sure she had said I would receive the full gcb..waiting for her to get back to me.

    It’s not like I thought oh I just don’t want this car any more. It had to be returned due to lots of issues. When I said that to the advisor today ge said the gcb payments are discretionary

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    The GCB is paid after 3 years with the car still in “Good Condition”, as you only had it for 4 months how can you expect to get the full 3 year bonus regardless of the reasons the car was returned?

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    Hi Bernadette,  you will be earning gcb on your present car which you get after 3 years. You effectively want 2 lots of gcb covering the same period.
    Come on! Even if Motability has lots of money they can’t just give it away.

    You are wrong on this one.

    Regards, Wonky

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    I had 2 cars over a 3 period lease due to faults ,i wouldn’t expect GCB per car.If that was the case i would gladly return car every week

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    Not sure if were reading this right as I think what Bernadette is saying is that she is not getting the £600 on her current car because of early termination.

    It sounds to me, if I got this right, is Motability are penalising her for an early return of her previous car that was faulty and not because she wanted a change.


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    Should think it will be pro rata so will get  only 4 months gcb £66.66

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    I cancelled early due to a change in my needs, I’m getting £400 as it’s on the completed years they said, so if I’d kept the car for the whole lease of three years I would have got £600, and if it was one years £200, sounds unfair as it’s not your fault, but unfortunately that is motability’s policy is what they said to me , regardless of the reason your returning the vehicle .

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    Don’t you have to pay a £250 admin fee for early termination too?

    That might be harsh if she’s had nothing but problems with the car.

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    I would think not Bernadette’s fault , so would not count as termination,just a bad build so return to dealer

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    I hope they didn’t charge her early termination as that’s definitely unfair in my opinion, I got charged £50 , they said it was lower because my needs changed as my new scooter won’t fit in properly.

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