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    As of 2019 how much is the good condition bonus for change over of car, i have had my car 4 years (extended) changing this month, how much roughly is the good condition handback bonus.

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    Menorca Mike

    £500 young Sharon

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    Dave h

    Wouldn’t be more since 5yr is £900?

    Did you know that if you return your car in good condition at the end of your Motability Scheme lease, you could be eligible to receive a Good Condition Bonus? The amount you receive depends on the length of the agreement. From 1 July 2019, the Good Condition Bonus has increased to £600 for a three year lease and £900 for a five year lease.

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    thanks for that, thinking about it i think i changed over my car from 2015, thanks guys…

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    It’s £600.

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    GCB Payments

    £600 / 3 years.

    £700 / 4 years.

    £900 / 5 years.

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    Vinalspin is correct above.

    when they first  changed it I rang them and asked if the payed for 4 years as they only state 3 and 5 (I assumed it maybe £750 for 4years) it was confirmed by Motability as the list above its £700 for a Full 4 years lease.


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    JS thanks for that info, its also my 57th birthday that would be a nice surprise!

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    I’ve been told if you complete your next car one day before the end of the four years you get the three years GCB and similarly with the five you get the four year GCB.

    So remember that when finalising.

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    It will be 60p if the Daily Mail ever “investigate”.

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