GLA “optional upgrade” to Plus model?

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    i’m not entirely sure how it works, hence me asking here.


    Generally, i know that we can tick boxes in the options list, if we pay the extras on top of the AP. So far, so good. Now, there’s three cars left on our shortlist, and our favourite was the GLA 180 AMG Line Premium Plus.

    Sadly, Mercedes took that particular trim off the scheme, since this week they’re only offering the AMG Line Premium.

    Now, we’re wondering. The AP for the Premium is £3000 (ish). Is there a way for us to upgrade to the Premium Plus model if we pay the difference? I’m not entirely certain if Mercedes considers the “packages” options, or trims. If it’s an option package, we should be able to upgrade to the Premium Plus – if it’s a trim, probably not.

    Anyone got any insight/input in that regard?

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    So far as I understand it, the answer is “No.”.

    The exact model has to be on the Motability list for the dealer to order it under the scheme.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    You need to look at the Mercedes price list. If it’s an option you can add, then yes. Otherwise no.

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    It’s probable that you can’t have or add the “Plus: pack as a customer, regardless of motability, they might have removed it due to the chip shortages and unavailability of components

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    I asked Motability this and was told no as it’s a different model rather than adding an extra.

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    Cheers, well, that sucks.

    Here’s hoping that it makes it back onto the scheme (or general pricelist even), otherwise it’s not gonna be the GLA.

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    Glos Guy

    It’s a different model so no. However, you wouldn’t fair any better as a private customer as I believe that Mercedes aren’t taking any orders for the Premium Plus due to problems with the sunroof.

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