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    Finally spoke to motability after my suppling dealer today and Tommorrow Tuesday 9th of June the dealer’s can add a date of collection to the system, as far as i gathered right now it’s only if your car is already at the dealers and is pending but it’s gotta be 4 days after the 9th..for the handover.

    Motability i think also need to know it is at the dealers, I’ve seen a vid of it at the dealers with my private plate on. so that’s some good news for me.. Bad news it’s raining here for next 2 weeks..

    So hopefully be picking it up on monday the 15th at 11am …

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    Don’t let the rain dampen your new car day rox. Remember, it’s only wet out side lol

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    I won’t, it may scupper the pics i was gonna take.. Although hopefully my son will be looking down from the sky smiling. This cars for him..

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