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      Greens & the Lib Dems have both promised free social care,  a promise to build 150,000 new social homes a year & introduce proportional voting among loads of other things in their fully costed manifestos.

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        Lib Dems have put the NHS,  Social Care & carers front & centre of their campaigns.


        I really wish enough people had voted or intended to vote Lib Dems & Greens,  rather than Labour,  so they could have formed a coalition.


        The final MRP projection is that Labour is going to win 484 seats,  whilst the Tories will win 64 seats & the Lib Dems will win 61 seats,  with SNP winning 10 seats,  followed by Reform winning 7 seats,  and Greens & Plaid bringing up the rear with 3 seats each.


        So now at this point I can only hope that a lot more people vote Lib Dems so that they win more seats than Tories & can form the Official Opposition, from where they can hopefully push Labour on NHS,  Social Care,  housing,  PR,  etc.



          IMO they all promise sweaping reforms untill they get in and what was promised on the election trail, gets swept under the carpet!

          Not as I’d vote Greens anyway.


            Given there’s not a lot of cash to play with and debt is already oversized, seeking to fund somewhat expensive changes will result in either the taxpayer paying even more or debt increasing and both the banks and IMF looking to increase borrowing costs.

            Thats a very worrying situation when the massive lack of growth has resulted in an economy unable to adequately fund public services at pre 2000 tax levels.

            Id love to have a guess as what the solutions could look like.  Borrowing for capital expenditure?  Boosting private investment with tax breaks?

            Id like to think a heavy investment in renewable power and a separation from oil pricing for the energy price cap would greatly reduce electricity prices, giving companies and the population a huge reduction in a significant cost.  Then the economy can grow both from government push and consumer demand.

            Any which way whatever government is in place on Friday has a lengthy process to make a tangible difference to both our pockets and business output.

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