Film idling drivers and get 25% of their fine, says think tank

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    Drivers who leave their engines running should be filmed by members of the public, who would receive 25% of the offending driver’s fine
    Members of the public who spot drivers leaving their engines idling unnecessarily should be able to film them, send the footage to authorities, and receive 25 per cent of the offending driver’s fine, according to a think tank.

    Bright Blue, which describes itself as a “pressure group for liberal conservatism” says the basis for its proposals comes from New York, where bus and lorry drivers that leave their engines running for more than three minutes (or one minute outside schools) risk fines, with citizens able to upload footage of such contraventions to authorities.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Oh my word! A “think tank” needs to go think again. idiots. Most modern cars have stop start tech anyway.


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    Snooping on neighbours? What next Gestapo police.

    There’s a thicko lives a few doors up from me who starts his company van parked on the street, leaves engine running while he goes back indoors to have his breakfast.

    Imagine the fallout should I been seen to be filming him, apart from that possibly being illegal too.

    While we have a public who support our police and will help them in their investigation and telling them of wrong doings its whole different matter when folk start snooping on neighbours and will the police bother to turn up when bricks start coming through your windows.

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    ‘Stop/Start’ tech is all very well, but if I so much as move a leg while waiting at lights the engine comes back on in my Golf, let alone when I dare to shift my body position (as one tends to do while stationary).  It’s ridiculously over-sensitive compared to my previous car.  Total waste of time when crawling along in Winchester traffic.  My brother has a Match and he has exactly the same problem.

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    Think it’s people keeping their cars running for the air-conditioning. Seen people in supermarkets for half an hour with engine running. EV’s don’t have this problem. ?

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    That would be fun in London, I’d be a millionaire in no time. ??

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    The trouble with today’s cars with start/stop is that if the battery isn’t charged enough then it won’t stop and if you keep turning it off whenever you stop then it will not get enough charge and will kill the battery in about 6 months(it tells you this in the info about the system) and with them being special batteries for the start/stop system they cost a fortune and wouldn’t be covered under warranty as they keep a history in the battery and ECU.

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    Think it’s people keeping their cars running for the air-conditioning. Seen people in supermarkets for half an hour with engine running. EV’s don’t have this problem. ?

    I’m intrigued, so how does a EV cabin stay cool in summer? My thinking is the heat in the cabin does not come from the engine but through the windows.

    Not that I leave my engine running in Summer and if I do its in the Winter to stop muscles spasms while sitting in the cold cabin.

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    What a load of old codswallop.

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    So in January when it’s below freezing and I have to sit in the car and wait for my wife to come back from her clinics, I’m expected to sit and freeze with my engine off?

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    @chrisk EV heating and cooling works via heatpump technology like air-conditioning or a fridge. Cooling in summer then it reverses and heats in winter. All done with no engine running ?

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    Hi EVman

    I worked in the H&V industry for Donkey years in my past life and seen massive office complexes fitted with heat pump, 100’s of them per floor but they were always backed up with good old fashion gas burning boiler houses and refrigeration plant.

    So I’m not convinced unless the tech has improved that much the past 30 years, could of done I suppose but if its that sufficient now how come we don’t see them in our homes. The answer to could be how much energy you have to put in to get something else out so with electric cars you can sit in the warm or cold but might not have enough energy to get you back home.

    These things will be solved in future I’m sure but a heat pump sounds to good to be true but can’t say for sure because I’ve not used one in a car.

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    Heatpumps start to struggle when the temperature drops below zero and the efficiency goes a little. I can easily run mine on my old leaf for half an hour with little range loss.

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    Haven’t people got better things to do in life other than filming people who for one reason or another have their engines idling? ‘Obviously not’ is probably the answer, but it is sad that their lives are so unfulfilled they resort to standing out in all weathers with their mobile phones pointed at unwary motorists.

    If this happened in the USA, the busybodies doing the filming would no doubt get quite a few lung-fulls of ‘rolling coal’. Perhaps that is not a bad idea to deter them!


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    What a load of old codswallop.


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    Mr P

    …in an age were stabbings and shootings are the norm, people being encouraged to put themselves at risk…bad move!

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