Fancy Cars in Disabled Parking Spaces

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    I didnt know what to title this, Anyway , every time i go to the supermarket asda or tesco i park my car in a disabled space i always look at other cars parked in the disabled spaces not to look for a disabled badge (although i do)  but just to see what other cars there might be available on motability because i just assume if its in a disabled space its a motability car and i know that just  because the car is parked in the disabled space doesn’t mean its a motability car but it doesn’t stop me getting excited and checking the motability website as soon as possible the check just in case.

    over the last few weeks  iv seen a Porsche a Range Rover and a Tesla all parked in disabled spaces , its such a disappointment when i check motability website and their not there



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    Where I walk my dog in Richmond park there are also lots of flash cars with blue badges.

    I got chatting to a parks police officer and he was telling me they are checking badges belong to owners or occupants as lots are stolen or forged or abused by friends or family.

    He caught 3 in the previous week

    No wonder it’s sometimes so difficult to find a disabled bay sometimes.

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    If they have got a badge(and it’s theirs), what’s the problem? this is an narrow minded daily mail type view. The Blue badge scheme and PIP is here to help people, and seeing those who have succeeded should be applauded not derided.

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    Just to clairife im not bitching about fancy cars or disabled people being sucessful with a fancy car ,

    i think my point was:-  thats a nice fancy car i like that i hope its on the motability scheme i would like to get one …

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    My company car is a top end GLC so definitely not on the list and I always park in disabled bays.  I”ve also parked my sports cars in disabled bays (when I had them).


    Interestingly I often get abuse from elderly people who seem to think that having a nice car means you can’t be disabled.

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    It’s odd that I see over the years many BB holders saying they’ve taken verbal abuse from uninformed well being folk but I’ve been disabled and using a badge for 11 years and never heard a murmur. Maybe some BB users can read other peoples minds.

    A few years ago there were reports about a particular £100,000 plus sports car parking in a BB spaces at a retail car park a mile from me and also in the centre of the city, the same car and on both occasions no BB displayed.

    When the local press approached the car park owners about the abuse they said they recommended the car owner to park in the BB spaces as not to get any dinks in their expensive car.

    What hope have we.

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    There is often a Ferrari and a few Porsches parked in the BB spaces in the local town. Also the new Range Rovers seem to be getting popular as well.

    They are mostly owned by a group of younger veterans who were severely injured in Afghanistan/Iraq. The cars are their pride and joy. They have internal adaptions to allow them to drive them and do display blue badges when parked.

    The lads occasionally get stick from older people, or visitors to the town who don’t know the back story and take the view that owning a Ferrari, Porsche or Range Rover is not compatible with being disabled! Particularly so when these lads meet up and a lot of the disabled spaces are occupied by their cars.


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    I’ve also had many cars and obviously used my blue badge including an Rs6 and also our new MX5. Pip isn’t means tested it is an award purely on Your mobility and daily living.

    So millionaires can claim it.

    Richmond park during the day especially in summer time attracts lots of high end cars and suv’s.

    My point is in my area there have been a lot of abuse or use of stolen or forged badges, regardless of a flashy or non flashy car


    Also It it is a bit off parking any car in a blue badge space purely to stop parking dinks. That is pathetic and selfish.

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