“F” ing spiders!

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    Don’t know if anyone else is getting invaded by spiders but, in recent days,  I must have “gently lifted 10 of the little blighters up and placed them outside”, aye right.

    Some of them are fairly big so it’s good that I am OK with getting rid.

    They say they keep other creepy crawley’s away and you should leave them be but ” no”, sorry,  can’t have them around me.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Autumn is when spiders go looking for a partner to mate with. Then the female looks for places to lay her young. My car wing mirrors seems to be a popular place.

    As for the indoor spiders, they have to face off against my 2 cats.

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    yep its that time of year there are zillions of the randy little and not so little blighters all over the garden, i reckon they like the bark chippings. i went to dead head the roses and it was like something out of one of the harry potter films cobwebs everywhere between all the plants it was like sticking your hand into a tub of candy floss. never seen so many. loads in the house too mind not been bothered by many flies this year so the spider must be eating well lol.

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    It’s not just spiders, theirs seems hell of a lot more slugs around, not just on the veg.

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    Yup. Walking in the garden first thing is like going under the “cobweb” bit in a ghost train. So many transport threads hanging down/across everywhere. Certainly more than normal this year. Also flies and butterflies (cabbage whites everywhere with their caterpillars munching my nasturtiums). Anybody in our village with box plants (including us) has lost the lot – to a disease spread by spiders, I’ve been told.

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