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    We should all feel grateful that the government is gifting us our own money when it’s their fault we have to pay so much for energy in the first place.

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    Yes that’s one way to look at it Wigwam, saw it on another forum, brought up 11 pages of opinions in a few hours..

    Lots were complaining..


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    Well its better than the initial £200 loan that has now doubled to £400 and you don’t have to pay it back. I expect many on here to get some of the other payments such as the £300 for pensioners and £150 for Pip/dla/ attendance allowance or maybe the £650 if your on  means tested benifits.

    Not that it will go far in the grand scheme of things with energy prices so high.

    Other than that its a massive U turn by the government, a convenient sweetener to try and cover up the Sue Gray report. Would we have got it other wise I very much doubt it.

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    See above or below however this reply turns out, Joss has posted a fact sheet with all the detail..👍👍

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