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    Hi all, does anyone on here run an EV without having a home charger, if so, how do you find it.

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    I just use the lamppost outside my house.

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    Well, we have only had our Kona EV for a just over 2 weeks. As yet we don’t have a charger and it is working fine for us. So far all our charging has been done via the three pin plug in a porch. Our situation, were the car gets near daily use but not high mileage any day means that the time taken to charge isn’t such an issue. The range also helps as we can be more relaxed than if it was less. Also, being fairly remote we are used to having to plan getting fuel already. In fact being able to recharge at home is more convenient than having to travel.

    We may well get a charger if it is free or near free but that will be purely down to cost – and if BP Pulse can get their act together.

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    There was an article about BP having problems keeping up with installations & maintaining them at the moment in The Times today.


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    I’ve had my Kona just over 3 months, live in a flat and live rurally.

    It takes a little planning and research, but I’ve done over 9k miles with no issues at all except a much healthier bank balance!

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    Mark Holland

    We thought we wouldn’t get a home charger, in fact we were told no initially, so before ordering because we live rural we drove out to various charge and spoke to people charging. This convinced us to go ahead with the EV and since ordering more points have been fitted only 7 miles away and we have got a hone charger. Unfortunately we don’t have a car but maybe one day fingers crossed.

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    We got our Kia Soul on Friday, still no word from BP Pulse….They have flatlined! 2 months this week since they got all the info and confirmed receipt. We’ve been unlooped and have a 100A fuse (already booked with DNO before we decided to get an EV).

    Wife still thinks it’ll happen, I remain unconvinced.

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    Probably going down the EV route in the next 6-12 months and have been looking into the in’s and outs of home charger or not.

    We will do 6-7k miles a year and probably get a Skoda Enyaq iv60 unless anything else comes out that is better by then.

    Charging from home unless you have a special tariff is likely to cost around 15p/20p per Kwh @ under 2.3kw with a granny charger from a 13amp plug or the same but faster with a fitted home charger @ 7kw.

    If using public charge points you will be able to charge faster at 7kw from free chargers at Supermarkets etc or on paid chargers 11kw/22kw/50kw at something like 26p to 35p per Kwh

    So over time the home charger is the way to go however it can still be a dilemma.

    There’s the cost of the charger installation which is about £700-1000 depending on which you go for less a £350 government grant or possible free if paid for by Motability.

    You may have a looped supply which would need unlooping plus do you have  earth bonding on your electricity water and gas supply if not that will cost extra which you may have to pay for.

    There is always the problem with public chargers that they are they available where you are locally where you live and on route and that they are working or not and will they be available to use when you want them. Also to get them to work can be challenging by having to use app’s etc or not understanding what you have to do as there are lots of different charging networks.

    I have watched a few video’s where folks turn up at a charger and it’s out of order or just can’t set up the charge correctly and have to drive to another and sometimes another to finally get the vehicle charged.

    So I guess it boils down to do your homework and if you don’t have to pay fully or partially for the charger and you don’t have any installation issues get a home charger installed. If a home charger is going to have to be paid for and is going to cost you over £500 after grant and you have some reliable public chargers locally consider not having a charger installed.

    There is an app called zapmap which is worth down loading it will show you all the charging points in the UK and current costs to charge and also shows charger availability and if it’s working and comments from folks who have used that charger and whether it was a success or not.

    Map of UK electric car charging points

    Good luck with your decision, I still have not made my mind up which way to go yet😁





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