EV charger help?

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    Hi All



    someone can help….getting an Id3 via MB – BP pulse installing the charger but now come back to us saying they can’t install it without a 100 amp double pole isolator being fitted -which only our network operator can do and i have to speak to them who may charge for it  – spoke to them ( electricity north west) who said no it’s not their responsibility as it’s past the meter and it needs fitting by BP pulse – my head is spinning as both sides are adamant it’s the other sides responsibility? I know BP have an appalling review reputation so i’m unsure who to believe – has anyone had anything similar or could offer some guidance?

    many thanks in advance


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    The responsibility is your energy supplier not the DNO. Your supplier is the person you pay your bill to EON, British Gas etc…

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    It’s down to your electricity supplier to fit, Billibob. You need to contact them.

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    Thanks for that – weird though the link BP sent me direct me to the DNO – which is electricity north west – i’ll speak to octopusenergy and fingers crossed


    thanks for the help 😄👍👍👍

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    Keep us posted to how octopus deals with it

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    Hi billibobb – Well I’m in virtually the same position – BP Pulse say I need a double pole isolation switch. They refer to my supplier.
    I contact SSE who tell me I have to contact the network provider. In my case SSEN.
    Contact SSEN who say it is nothing to do with them and I need to contact SSE.
    I’ve sent another enquiry to SSE and await their reply. I’m going to also get on to Motability – this is just ridiculous.

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    I absolutely will james – it’s so frustrating isn’t it bfoandc – couldn’t get through to octopus by phone but have emailed them – i’m hoping that they can maybe do it when they do the smart meters on monday next week – interesting thing is the actual switch can be bought at screwfix et al so logically you’d assume that maybe it is the provider/ electrician that could do it? i’m going to wait till octopus get back and see what they say – if it’s a no then im going to go to MB for help as it’s stressing me out – trivia i know really but i’m concerned the new car comes in 4 weeks with no easy way to charge it

    BP pulse were quite helpful and as recompense offered me 1000 miles of charging for free to keep me on ….i know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing?



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    I’ve just been through the exact same thing with bp pulse, enwl and  eon then found this.

    Mine is being fitted by eon in 2 weeks time at a cost of £98.07

    So as others above have said it’s definitely your energy supplier who fits it.


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    I have a slight update.
    I contacted Motability and was told they have a ‘contact’ in BP Pulse dealing with the isolator switch issues and they’d share my situation and someone from BP Pulse would contact me within a day.

    We’ll see.

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    I contacted my DNO, they came out fitted and changed the fuse without any charge.  They were very helpful and were happy to move components in the meter box to enable the ev unit to be installed.  BP pulse were slow to start with, but then fitted it all and we were very happy with the job they did.  Phoning them does help, although there is a usually a queue…

    But I do think if Motability want to help people with the switch to EV, they should arrange someone to do the survey so that people who may find it difficult accessing the areas that need photographs have someone to help them through it.  Then they could sort all the issues ready for the EV point installer, so the process would be faster and smoother.


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    Agreed Jim and thanks bfoandc – i’m hoping octopus will save the day but if not im going to contact MB

    what this space!

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