Energy Usage for October

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      Here we go again winter is coming and the bills are going up.

      October 8th – November 7th

      Electricity 324 kWh £59.08, the daughter is refurbishing a house including a new kitchen at present we are doing all the daughters cooking on electric, the Suzuki Across is running all month on electric the bonus we have brought no fuel over the last month 760 miles. We have changed from Octopus Flux part way though the month we have found a 40% reduction in cost we are averaging 12 pence @ kWh.

      Solar Electric export octopus Flux +£25.57

      Gas Octopus Tracker 890 kWh £56.59

      Total £90.02

      Our monthly direct debit £70.00 fortunately still have £532.24 in credit to cover the winter energy costs

      In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
      Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

      Suzuki Across PHEV

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        I’m with EDF currently and don’t get monthly usage, so difficult to compare 🙂

        My gas heating usage has reduced since installing a IFOS kit (weather compensation).


          8th of October 2023 to the 7th of November

          Total charges

          Meter readings
          8 Oct
          Actual 40823.500
          7 Nov
          Actual 41193.850
          Total energy use
          370.350 kWh
          Energy use charge370.35 kWh at 25.25p
          Standing charge31 days at 52.95p per day
          Total cost (before VAT)

          Meter readings
          8 Oct
          Actual 7701.352
          7 Nov
          Actual 7761.046
          Total energy use
          680.550 kWh
          Energy use charge680.55 kWh at 6.50p
          Standing charge31 days at 27.72p per day
          Total cost (before VAT)

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