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      Hi, this is our first Motability car for our daughter but we may be moving home soon so we can receive support with her from family. We have the Renault Megané EV but the home we may be moving to does not have off street parking for a charger and there are no BP pulse charge points in the area for the charge card Motability offer, just wondering what Motability are like if we needed to request an early termination and have move to a petrol/diesel vehicle?



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        Short answer is to phone Motability and explain the full situation.  Moving to get extra help with care, car can’t be charged at home or on BP Pulse network, need to swap to something more realistic for new situation.  they’ll probably be reasonable.

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          As Mark suggests, Motability are reasonable in situations like this and likely won’t be a problem. Just be honest, telling them your movng and won’t have access to off street parking etc.

          There is normaly a £250 fee for early terminations but this will likely be reduced to £50 or no fee at all where the termination is for valid reasons.


            If you have parking outside the property on the road there’s a possibility you could use the system I’m getting sorted now, KerboCharge.  It alows you to run the charge cable over a footpath legally with no tripping hazard.


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              Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it we will contact Motability to see what can be done.


              Thanks again

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