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    Went  to  Doctors  yesterday  while waiting  i turned to wife  and  said  loudly they cant be that flipping  sick  they are all on there  mobiles.  17  out of 20 were on there phones  .Is  this acceptable ?

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    It is the same in my GP’s waiting room. Also giving the child the phone to play games on with full volume on to keep them amused. Despite wall posters asking for mobiles to be turned off.  I have never seen a member of staff asking anyone to turn off their Phone. So if they are not challenged what can you do?

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    Mobile Phones have totally altered the society we live in. People in public are cocooned in private (don’t talk to me) bubbles.

    It’s a sad departure from the community interaction that we had when I was growing up. Doctor’s waiting rooms used to be hubs of local gossip, and group diagnosis.

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    I’ve never been in a doctor’s waiting room in the past where people didn’t sit in silence staring at the walls or reading an out of date magazine.  Never chatting.  Staring at a phone screen is the modern version of reading a magazine and that seems what most people are doing when I visit.  But then I’ve spent a long time in the South where people don’t even say hello.

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    Menorca Mike

    It’s got out of hand with mobile phones people don’t talk to one another any more the phone company’s are making millions

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    Millions?  I pay £6.50 a month for unlimited calls and texts and 2gb of data which I think is a bargain.

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    Menorca Mike

    Wigwam what network is that on ? It is a bargain I pay £10 a month on O2 for the same been with them over 10 years

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    Smarty, which uses the Three network. Actually £7.50 a month but there’s money back on unused data which I always get.  There are  other plans,  all unlimited calls and texts. Mrs Wigwam has the 500mb plan which is £5. She’s on the phone all the time (and I mean *all* the time) and gets money back every month because she doesn’t use the data.

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