Desperate for a holiday?

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    Who is desperate for a holiday?

    If so, where are you going??

    If there was no restrictions at all, would you stay in the UK or venture abroad to sunnier climates???

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    i have a cruise booked for november but i doubt it will happen, many destinations are no where near as vaccinated as the uk so i just  wont take the risk. i will remain in this country at least another 12 months.

    i cant handle flying anymore so cruises are my holiday of choice and their hygeine regimens far exceed any hotel ive stayed in.

    i am quite happy to go visit places in our beutiful island in the meantime. but it will be a while before i even do that.

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    Would love to go to favourite hotel on Tenerife. Very comfy and welcoming; great weather and wonderful warm swimming pool. Sadly, not going to happen. Mrs T’s medical conditions mean that medical insurance cover would cost many times more than holiday. Also do not know whether I can stand the trauma of the journey. The flight itself is fine, it’s all the sodding about with airports and their criminal incompetence in dealing with disabled travellers. Had to give up using Gatwick because they abandoned me in their airside warren without the booked wheelchair, no help getting bags off carousel etc. Staff were the rudest most offensive thugs I have ever come across.

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    Menorca Mike

    Please everyone wait til next year

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Yeah, ‘holidays’ don’t happen here any more, either.  Not even a long weekend in Wales.  Too risky.  If my back ‘goes out’ I can’t get in a car for weeks.  Just imagine the hotel bill racking up week after week – assuming we didn’t get kicked out to make way for the next guests!

    So it’s Google Maps and the imagination.  I’ve visited Rome so often I could get a job as a virtual Tour Guide. 😉

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    My son has been in Malta since September. I really miss him. So I’m hoping he can come home for a week. He can’t take more than that off work so definitely couldn’t come and quarantine. Looks like it’s going to be a green list country.

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