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    Has anyone got any realistic timescales for delivery of a SEAT Tarraco factory order? Salesman hasn’t a clue and isn’t prepared to even hazard a guess.

    Oddly enough got a letter from Motability today telling us to start looking for a replacement for our nearly 5 year old Volvo XC60 which we both love. The letter says we can place an order after the 11/07/20. This is a bit of suprise as we have already ordered, and Motability have approved in mid June. Another classic left hand right hand from Motability.

    Impatiently waiting for SEAT Tarraco 2.0TSi 190 4Drive Excellence with Pano Roof and leather seats!

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    I also recieved letter from motability saying I can now look for another vehicle as my extension is up in October although I ordered a c5 aircross at end of January and have recieved confirmation and pin number from them still not heard a word from dealership since they opened from lockdown.

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    I ordered my Tarraco the day before lockdown. Order approved estimated build week of the 14th June and recieved my electronic pin. Since then my dealer has been useless. When I queried reports that they had shut down Tarraco production again in May due to lack of orders the dealer stated that “I haven’t been informed, we can still place orders and that Spain has been open again for a few weeks”. I had to inform them that the Tarraco is built in Wolfsburg and attach links from the FT confirming the shut down!

    Ever since I have had to chase the delaer for information. I have not had a single call or e-mail pro-actively from the dealer since my order was placed.

    At the moment they are waiting for dealer support to come back to them with an update. Tbh I am not expecting my vehicle any time soon which is not ideal as I have had to move from a manual to powered chair and my current hoist is not strong enough to lift it into the vehicle.

    I know the Covid has had a big effect on everything but the lack of any communication is frustrating.

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    I’m on my 6th vehicle and never once had any communication from any dealership until exact date of handover and that has been 6 different dealerships .

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    Dave G

    @Richard ,I was thinking the same. I’m aware Covid-19 came into the equation and halted production but my previous order, it was so frustratingly quiet and I was impatient that I went on holiday only to return to find a inbox full of voicemail and spam emails of the handover. The sheer frustration from the dealer was comedy. *facepalm*

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    I ordered a Tarraco Excellence Lux on 29th June with a handover date of next week, emailed dealer today to find out it’s still not out the factory yet, but hopefully leaving shortly. No idea how long shipping will take but not holding out hope of delivery any time soon unfortunately

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    I ordered on 29th dec for handover 29th march, im picking it up in the morning, so just under 6 months wait

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    Menorca Mike

    Photos be lovelyTom

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    I ordered on 29th dec for handover 29th march, im picking it up in the morning, so just under 6 months wait

    In reality it’s 9 days short of 9 months, although it may only be just shy of 6 months from your current lease end date it’s still 3/4 of a year from order to collection!

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    Mike – should be back home with it lunch time so ill try and upload some pics then

    Vinalspin – you’re right of course, its been a long hard slog waiting for it, dam covid!!!

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    Great news your getting yours today Tommy, just hope it’s not 6 months for mine to come lol

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    At least it’s finally arrived 😁

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    To be fair once the factory opened again it hasnt took that long, hope you get yours sooner rather than later

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