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    I have a car on order with motability can anyone tell me am l allowed to cancel the car and order from a different dealer. Has anyone done this ?.

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    Hi @george

    yes you can cancel an order, and go elsewhere. Hope that helps.

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    George. Are you changing car or just the dealership? If so may I ask why? was there a problem with the dealership?

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    I think you may have to ask the dealer to remove the application on Motability,so another dealer can gain access,i dont think Motability can do this, but i am sure people on here will know and correct me if i am wrong

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    I tried to cancel my 2018 order with the dealer but after unsuccessfully getting through to them I rang Motability and they said it’s best to cancel via the dealer but when I told them they were not returning my calls they rang the dealer there and then and of course got through to the sales guy straight away, funny that ain’t it.🤷‍♀️

    I think it’s just a precedure thing as not to upset the system so I would say dealer first then Motability if you get no joy, or if you have a reason not to want to talk to the dealer then go straight to the Horses mouth at Motability.

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    You can cancel but be aware some dealerships charge you a fee. I just cancelled a order and they gave me a time limit before I got charged.

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    Until you input your pin number you have the right  to cancel at any time,if you are not happy with the car supplied or even if the dealer is trying to charge you.remember you are the customer and you are in control not the dealer.

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    Joss no problem with the dealer the reason for my question was that l ordered a car in February but can still order in April and l was thinking that if something better comes along in April could l cancel.

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    once upon a time i  had a VW golf estate on order and during the next Quarter the APs dropped.  The dealer was able to still have the same car on order but have the order re input to gain me the lower AP.   Just in case you still want the same car.

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