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    So today is Census day. Have you done your census ? what did you think of the questions?

    Pretty straight forward and easy to do on line as I did.  Not much changed since last census, save for the Gender bit.

    It will probably be the last one I do lol 👍

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    Did ours on line yesterday, I think it’s the best way to do it, instead of what relationship is person 4 to person 2 it referred to us all by name. I think the questions are reasonable to help the authorities to understand society and plan moving forward.


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    Filled out online yesterday by the wonderful Mrs ajn.

    As for ?’s if I don’t like it I won’t answer it, right or wrong tuff, couldn’t careless🥴, just ignore it or put a line through it.



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    I’ve done my civic duty this morning …. is it really 10 years since I filled in the last census? Time flies as I get older.

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    Completed it on-line a couple of weeks ago since we were able to update any details, if needed, right up to the deadline.

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    Did it yesterday. Thought some questions, sexual orientation etc, were a bit intrusive but couldn’t really be arsed not to tick a box. Should have ticked “other” and put MYOB under it, as in “Mind Your Own Business”. Took great delight in putting “Wiccan” in the beliefs bit. At least they didn’t ask about the broomstick. 🧙‍♀️


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