Car Crash – Will They Loan A WAV?

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    Hi, while away from my car this morning someone drove into it. Fortunately it was witnessed by the owner of one of the two other stationary cars he hit so I’ve got the details (he tried to drive off but was stuck to mine). Anyway I have a hoist, will I be lent a WAV while it’s being repaired and do they try to source a high spec one, mine has all bells and whistles? What’s the procedure please?

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    you need an adapted vehicle so they need to give a suitable car for your needs

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    Good luck, I hope they can supply you with a suitable hire car, contact Motability as they have a different team that deals with these things.

    I hope you fare better than I have over the last 3 years, car has been in for repairs 6 times and on every occasion I have had to wait weeks to get a hire car only for them to bring something unsuitable and have to change it 3 or 4 times before I got a vehicle up to scratch.

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    I’m just shy of a couple of weeks since my MPV with hoist came off the road for repairs after being rear-ended.

    It took a couple of week to get a stand in MPV with hoist but they did it but my car was still drivable and I refused to let it out of my sight until they found a replacement.

    My Motability car was in the repair workshop for 2 weeks and the hired car company charged, from memory, £270 a day so just as well it was a no fault claim. 😊

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    Thanks for the info and advice. The trouble with having a replacement car with hoist is that my hoist is very specifically to set up either my folding power chair ot TGA Supersport, with only an inch to spare. So a normal hoist set up won’t do it. That’s why I was thinking of a WAV, though I don’t generally want one.

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    Hi Just2fish

    My hoist is a 4 way Autochair 80Kg and a very common hoist coupled to, then, a very common Pride Go Go Elite LX pavement scooter.

    The procedure for me was Motability / RSA pass on your detail requirement to hire companies who then contact you about what you need.

    The first two companies, I can’t remember now who they were but I think one might have been Enterprise, did not have a clue about hoists or scooters but the guy from the third company that are based in Twickenham, London knew everything and as soon as I started talking about how the scooter connects to the hoist I could tell he knew what he was talking about so a great relief for me.

    My advice is to make a note for when they ring of exactly what you need and tell them make and model of the wheelchair/scooter plus the make and lifting weight of your current hoist and the size of your current car to give them guidance on how much space is needed in the car for wheelchair/scooter + passengers if you have the requirement like myself for the back seats to remain in an upright position.

    One other thing is to make sure your happy with how all these things work before the hire guy walks away as I nearly made one hell of a mistake when the guy asked if I needed help setting up my scooter with their car and I said “it shouldn’t be a problem” but lucky for me he did say “are you sure as they can be a problem sometimes” so I said to get on with it, gave him my scooter and he was out at the pavement edge for over an hour adjusting the loading straps, something that would of took me a day if at all but I was just thinking how hard is it to disconnect my scooter from one hoist connect it to another that was even the same model but it turns out that it could be a nightmare.



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