Car Adverts Style Over Substance

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    Do people agree that current car adverts are absolute rubbish. A video of a car whizzing round with some arty background and music.

    Gone are the days of manufacturers giving an idea of size, performance, cost special features.

    I think the last useful advert was for original Zafira and Meriva when the then novel seating arrangements were explained and shown in close up.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Absolutely agree Smallcar. There’s been a number of ads I’ve seen where you don’t see the car very well at all. It’s annoying.
    It’s sometimes a marketing ploy to encourage those interested to scoot on over to the manufacturers website to look for better pics.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    72 Dudes


    One particularly annoying one which ran last year and possibly earlier this year, was where the main feature seemed to be the fact that the infotainment system could read texts from friends suggesting they go fo a pizza! How sad.

    I can’t even remember what the car was, but I think it was a city runabout, possibly an Aygo

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    Agree most car ads are pretty pathetic. Skoda make very good cars but also make absolutely useless and bewildering adverts. What is it with that girl with funny hair? Is it saying that you’ve got to have an odd barnet to buy a Skoda?

    One useful thing though – when they “sponsor” a programme with mini ads at start and end of ad break, it’s easy to spot the end of break when fast-forwarding over the ads. “There’s a Skoda/Volvo/Whatever, hit play!”

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    Totally agree. A lot of adverts seem to be trying to sell a life style, not the car. I can’t get my head round most of them.

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    I believe most of the cars we see in Ads don’t even exist physically.  It’s all done with CGI.

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    I agree with Landyman, the advert is not just trying to sell a car, but also a lifestyle. If you’ve ever had a look at one of those BMW owners magazines (not sure how often they’re produced? Quarterly maybe?), you can see that it is definitely trying to sell you a lifestyle. Well, I think so anyway.

    Also, I’d imagine adverts are expensive so companies wouldn’t want to spend money on a long advert that runs through all of the specs and stuff. Just enough to grab your interest and make you go and check it out on their website.

    The thing I hate most is when they show something like a BMW 340i msport then plaster “from £249 a month” in massive writing next to it. £249 will get you one with a cassette player and wind down windows.

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    The adverts are teasers to get you to look at one properly either online or in the flesh at a showroom.

    An advert is not going to sell you a car.

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    @georgie, did you see the follow-on video for the car itself – The Blackbird.

    Fascinating stuff.
    Should be driven by a Meerkat.

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    Tbh, aren’t most cars the same themselves these days? Style over substance?

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    All adverts seem to drive me away from products, it’s like the youtube ads that decide that because I’m a woman they want to sell me make-up, & other twee crap, despite the fact that I’ll be watching a motorbike video. Car ads tend to be the small cars with the lifestyle of a townie type, bleh! Despite the only car videos I’ve ever watched being of BEVs.

    My weapons of choice for this inane garbage…. uBlock Origin & Adblock Plus.

    To block adverts on television, watch Amazon Prime TV & forget terrestrial.

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    Trouble is if we all block ads, or if public media is ad free then we would all have to pay subscriptions or pay per view. Sites such as this are supported by advertising.

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    A lot of websites rely on advertising to keep going and are getting wise to people using ad blockers.

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    gothitjulie – totally agree that most ads drive me away from their product. Particularly hate being blattered with “cute” kids; I’ve already muted (as the ads come on) and this can lead to changing channels or even the off-switch. However, my experience with Amazon prime is far from good. Joined it to get live tennis majors which Amazon still screws up, cutting away from major matches mid-set; losing transmission for no reason etc. Entertainment channels even worse – you have to pay extra for all but the most basic programmes. Bit of a cheek!

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    I get the same with the football on Amazon Tharg.

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    I was watching something on itv last night it was a hour in length but it had 6 adverts all of them  with crap loud music and crap products, years ago you had a advert at the beginning one in the middle and one at the end of a program . I must be getting old.


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    Alibi and some of the C4 stations seem to stick in more ads than some others; shame, since those stations put out some good stuff. First ad break in a one hour show is often after only 10 mins! They’re damn long too. So I don’t even try to watch live; record them and then FF over the ads.

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