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    Speedy James

    Hi. My car is due for renewal next August. I am currently undecided but I’m debating a break from the scheme. Hopefully I am in line for the £600 good condition bonus  but  do I give this up by leaving? How does it work please?

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    Hi James,

    You do not give the good condition bonus up by leaving. Unless you terminated the contract early then you would lose the whole GCB. But if you continue with your leave until August then decide you want to leave the scheme that will NOT affect your good condition bonus and you will receive it.

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    Speedy James

    Thanks for the clarification.  Much appreciated.

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    Agree As Muhammed rightly says, and I would add if the August doesn’t  really suit you can always extend for 2years then end at any point after your August lease date you still receive your £600 full term bonus , should you keep it for a full 4years you receive £700 and then if you still decided to keep it and went full 5year Term you receive £900.

    So for instance if it suited to end your lease the following spring you can, as you would of gone over your 3year term but not over 4years you receive the £600. At present anyone taking a 2year extension can change/terminate at any point within that extension with no penalty.


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    What if you had ordered a new car but it was going to be 4 months after your lease was up, could you hand back your current car and just wait until the new one arrived?

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    Hi Vinalspin,    in answer to your question. Yes you could hand back at end of lease, get your GCB, then wait 4 months without a vehicle. During this time you would receive the DLA/PIP payment directly.
    Hope your change over goes well.

    Like you I will be changing my Alhambra early next year. 31 mpg regularly!!

    Regards wonky

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    About the same here, so looking forward to just about double that from the Peugeot, I could save the money for the 4 months and use the other half’s new DS4 1.6 blue hdi 120 EAT6, can’t get much mobility gear in it but it does drive lovely and can just about get in and out without doing the seal on ice thing.

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