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    I can’t find this anywhere on the bmw website.

    I have found the online genius but that’s an automated system.

    Does it still exist or can someone point me in the correct direction please.

    I’m trying to track my order and don’t want to be ringing the dealer everyday for updates.

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    This is live chat

    I have an X1 and have to admit I wasn’t aware of an order tracker so this may be a good call. At least you’ll get the best way to track your order.
    Good luck and I hope this helps.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Annoying sound

    BMW X5M 2012 E70,S63

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    BMW X5M 2012, E70,S63

    annoying sound

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    I need to change my BMW 650i 2012 tires it’s Abel to change the size of tiers from 245/35/20 (front) to 245/40/20 and the rear one from 275/30/20 to 275/35/20 .


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    Changing to those tyres would alter the rolling circumference of the rear tyres by 3.4cm and the fronts by 3cm, your speedo and odometer will both read incorrectly.

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    Vinalspin is quite right, Imad. I calculate your speedo and odometer will under-read by about 4%.  In effect, for the same engine revs your car will be going 4% faster.  Given that most speedos over-read by up to 10%, it may not matter too much.  Before making the decision, you might want to check your speedo calibration against GPS.

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    One other thing to consider is the amount of clearance under the arches as it looks like BMW have made it quite close already.

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