Black Friday 2021

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    Hi guys.

    looking to get a new iPhone 13 for my auntie for Christmas. Does anyone know if it’s worth waiting until black Friday to shop to see if there’s any deals on the phone? Also, do you shop on Black Friday and is there anything you guys will be hoping to be discounted on the day for example a Hoover from curry’s?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Apple don’t really participate in Black Friday for their new products. iPhone 13’s have been pretty thin on the the ground so my advice would be buy now.

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    Iunfortunately IPhone is among one of those giants in the smartphone industry that doesnt offer any discounts on products during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, although there are plenty of other smartphones you can get your grandma why not try a one plus or google pixel, i’m sure you can get a great deal on them during the Black Friday Sale this year.

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    My coffee supplier (Little’s) knocked 20% off my last order without my even asking, which was a nice surprise.

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    Only Black Friday activity this year was with my wurst supplier. He was offering a real 30%-ish discount across the board and I was due to stock up the freezer.  Happy buyer! Have had to sample a few of the things, to make sure, you know… 😋

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    Always stock up with dishwasher tablets.

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