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    john haslam

    i have always ordered 3months before im due to change,notice many are ordering and receiving inside a few weeks,if you order late i would imagine your car must be in stock and does not require a build time

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    at the moment a few manufacturers are facelifting certain models and are stock only orders

    we ordered from stock (ateca fr black edition) 22 june but dont handover until 5 sept which is our end of lease

    you can order whenever you like if you are in your final 3 months of lease and can continue to lease your current car until your handover date if you are waiting on a factory build bear in mind some factories are not running at full capacity

    phone around the dealerships to see if your chosen car is in stock or will require build

    hope this helps

    good hunting

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    john haslam

    thats the car i would have cosen sadly i cant order until august 22nd at the earliest thanks for your help

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    i think there are some petrol blacks in stock but dont know for how long you might be able to check out the facelifted model if ordering late August

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)

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    We ordered bang on 3 months before end of current lease from stock and our next car is sat at our dealership compound ‘wrapped up’ in factory protection! I would upload a photo but sadly my mobile won’t let me… Not due to collect until mid Sept.

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    Same for me, you can order anytime after you have 3 months left on your lease. But you cannot collect it till your actual exchange date, mine was the 15th of april so the dealer could place an order on the 15th of jan.

    No factory slot, before april was available. so he sourced 1 of 3 available from stock that was and the car was at the dealers well before lockdown. Picked it up a few weeks ago.

    I think also they can add a provisional order to the system if say a certain model or trim level will not be available soon as they stopping it and it’s one you really want.. I test drove my latest car back in sept and just before xmas visited Vw for some new wipers and had alook while i was there No golfs at all… he said so anyhow he added a tig sel as the honda dealer asked me if i had ordered one as was on the system. I did look but we did not agree on anything. but I do know the sale person and he did the same with the golf i did have at the time to get the right ccolour etc i wanted as they was making the 7.5 and was only stock left.

    i think was the same with the tig so he placed it, just to secure the correct car incase i decided i did want it..

    Also at honda they told be the highest spec on scheme was being stopped in the uk so in jan will no longer be on the scheme and if i did want one he could sort it with mb somehow like i said but i wanted the my20 new refreshed model that was already out in the usa..

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    Very similar for us, also vw (Allspace). Car reserved over for me over the phone on the Monday as there were only two nationally, test drove regular Tig with same engine 2 days later and confirmed order and signed MB application on Friday.

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    Jerry Lessiter


    The VW Allspace takes a while to  arrive due to it being made in Mexico and not Germany. We picked up a VW  Tiguan R-Line three weeks ago it got built on time but had to wait to pick it up due to Covid-19.

    We got ours from JCT 600 in Hull and Roger was the best person to deal with he also gave us £600 off the initial payment.    We drove over from North Wales because the deal was so good.

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    From experience, ordering from stock is the way to go (assuming u don’t need adaptations or want extras).

    Our Allspace arrived at our dealership within 7 days of making application. Each to their own, cars are a very personal thing.

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