Base model high end or top of the range regular car, which would you choose?

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    I would always go for the top of the range regular car, maybe its being Scottish, I like to get as much bang for my buck as I can but I’m sure there are many would would choose the high end base model.

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    I meant to say assuming the AP was the same for both.

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    Im also Scottish and I agree, Id always want the best value for my money.

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    I always work out a basic equation between the cars deposit, and the actual retail price,  tight fisted northerner also lol

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    Good question.
    I’ll admit to being a tad of a badge snob but all things equal, I like luxury more than I like badge so I’d say top of the range- regular.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    As I live in the softy south of England… I let the butler worry about such things…


    c’mon guys, it’s a car, a box with 4 wheels, it’s not something that matters, like a motorbike


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    Well said gothitjulie about the bikes.

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    Would always choose most powerful engine, if that means top-of-range then that’s what I’ll get (budget permitting).

    Now, talking of motorcycles, my neighbour is almost as old and crumbly as I am and has a very top-of-range Harley. Can hear it coming miles away, like a monstrous Wright Cyclone radial. Marvellous sound. Sadly, gammy leg(s) too gammy to permit!

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    Julie, tharg sounds like a very good “off topic” thread.

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    … c’mon guys, it’s a car, a box with 4 wheels, it’s not something that matters, like a motorbike

    woooahh, a biker chick by any chance Julie? 🤣😂 🏍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I’d have to say the highest trim possible  for the money available to me at the time 🙂

    Not just because I like lots of toys (honestly!) but because they come with the most enhanced safety features  like adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alert, auto dipping/adjusting LED headlights etc. etc.

    Things like I once considered “extra toys” that have now become necessities like a rear view or all round camera (a Godsend for my neck!), heated seats for my hips and lower back.  Better more supportive seats (usually)  etc. etc.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    High spec for a reasonable price without having to dip into the options

    Having a haggle-if you don’t ask you don’t get

    The more toys the better for me with some comfort for swmbo


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    The one that suits my needs at the time best, that i can justify the AP on and to the missus.

    After 3 years I’ve got no intentions of buying it. So really the less i can pay the better. With the gcb now at £600 that helps alot but prices are rising and the allowance ain’t keeping up with inflation so high spec trims in the more expensive cars are not available or certain engines are not with certain trims.

    Some cars are kinda getting pretty crazy for what they are ap wise. Overall my last car cost me £750 from my pocket that’s about my limit. I see it as dead money you not gonna get back and it can be used in other places, sod paying 2 or 3 k Thats just my view not that of people who do, we all differ, I just cannot justify it.

    I need adaptive cruise control, a comfortable seat and an automatic transmission and a big enough boot for 4/5 people for holidays etc

    Other stuff i can compromise on, This time i went for a car again over a higher suv and power over mpg and i must say after driving down some B roads i’m pretty impressed with the ride comfort over the golf match edition i did have of the civic sport..

    Those match seats are not comfortable after a little while and once i gave myself a friction burn on them trying to move a few crumb with the back of my hand of the rear seat. The missus don’t like leather or heated seats though so gotta please her as well as the kids as you do when you a parent.



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    The “pack system” increasingly used by makers is damn annoying when trying to specify and price a car. It would have been nice, for example, to have had front parking sensors on my Mini. The sensors, however, were part of a “pack” costing £1600 with a load of other stuff which I did not want. So, reset to using the Mk 1 eyeball for parking! Especially annoying since the model I chose came with a similarly price electronics-widgetry pack as part of the price and consisting of things which I will never understand or use.

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    Given that I don’t have to think about deprecation, resale value,choice etc etc. I just try and get the most I can, while meeting min reqs, for the least AP possible.

    As for bikes, I do wish the Can Am tryker and Spyker etc could be added to the scheme! Why not? They’re twist and go and (if you look at it from a certain viewpoint with a slight squint) aren’t really much different to a shopping scooter, just one less wheel and a bit zippier! Lol 😁

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    @Tharg it’s one of the reasons i went for the Civic sport as it has everything i really need as standard and you cannot add anything except for a few things which mainly done at the dealers.

    Seats are the same so I have seen from my many searches, adaptive cruise is available on the xcellence /& lux range. i think the new leon fr does have it now.

    Bmw, mercedes, volvo, those brands have only acc for example as part of a driving pack. at a grand and over.

    with Vw it’s included but other stuff especially on the t-roc and golf is added extras which is crazy imo.. but hey ho I had a vw golf 7 and mirror link / andriod auto etc you gotta pay, it’s on the car but you need a dealer code which is annoying. least everthing thats on the honda is useable and no messages pops up this is not available contact your dealer.. So happy with the civic so far how it drives handles and sounds..

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    Unless you get a mid to higher level BMW, Mercedes or Audi, there is nothing to be snobbish about concerning the badge.   BMW 1 class and Mercedes A class are more common than Ford models.

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    Glad you’happy with the Civic, Rox. And I know what you mean about VW and its “extras”, was considering a Passat at one point and the family joke became: “Oh you want WHEELS with that do you? That’ll be an extra £XX and… Oh, TYRES as well? Gave up in the end an ordered a Skoda Superb which came with everything included, 4X4, cruise, parking beepers, auto-park thingey, electric leather and heated seats. AP was cheaper than Passat AND it was a damn sight quicker!

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