Audi Q 3 Dilemma

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    Hi ladies and gentlemen

    Few questions so apologies if a bit long and thank you for any advice

    Got a test drive this Saturday in the S line Q3 auto had a half a hour test drive already but needed longer before committing. Looking to order diesel S line but in two minds do I wait to see if black edition auto diesel comes on or be grateful and accept the s line

    Any one ordered a Q3 I know Audi do no deals but anyone managed to grab a discount? Be great if any one got pictures looking at Navarro blue or Daytona Grey.

    Also anyone know asked motabilty but if you order hand controls you got to get them fitted before picking up car is this true. Reason I ask is terrible experience last time and most likely be same company  and I wanted to pick up car get them fitted afterwards from a approved motability centre. Apparently if you do that then you have to pay for them.

    thanks again


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    Good evening Baljit,

    I have ordered the diesel S line subject to test drive although they are only allowing 20 mins max despite me requesting longer & ringing again separately. Myself and my late partner did however own a Q3 which I (we) absolutely loved, I found the height for access perfect and the boot space generous.

    Personally for me I would worry more about the Q3 being removed completely rather than the black edition being added and would of assumed if they were to add the black edition it would of been added in Q2. I could be totally wrong and it may be worth asking a dealer for confirmation.

    In regard to the hand control query, I think there is most likely a cost if you have them fitted after taking delivery but again I could be wrong 😕 hopefully someone with more knowledge will pop along and let you know.

    Q3 – good choice, gorgeous car and I wish you many comfortable miles 😊

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    P.s they were doing £250 off AP a couple of months ago but it’s no longer showing on motaclarity website so at present I don’t think there is any deals 👎

    Iv gone for white in colour but may change it to the metallic one once Iv seen it in the flesh. I think Navarro blue would be a good colour but so would the grey, see if you can check the colours you prefer out in the showroom if they have some available. I think seeing them in the flesh is totally diff to a picture or video.

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Baljit. We have hand controls on our current car and when the car was still at the dealers (before we picked it up), the adaptations company collected it from the dealer, fitted the hand controls and delivered it back to the dealer, all before we took delivery. With our previous car, it didn’t come fitted with hand controls but when my wife’s disability worsened we asked for them to be fitted. Motability wouldn’t allow it but did allow us to order a new car, even though we were only mid lease. I think it might be to do with VAT exemption rules only applying to cars when they are first registered.

    As for the Q3, I presume that you know that the Black Edition doesn’t add any more equipment over the S-Line, it’s purely cosmetic. Personally, I much prefer the look of the S-Line externally and you can also opt for a grey interior with that model. With the Black Edition everything is, well, black, including the interior trim and headlining and it’s far too oppressive for me. IMO the Black Edition doesn’t even look sporty, unlike the M-Sport models from BMW, so if it were me and I wanted the Q3 I would get the S-Line whilst it’s still available. Audi have a habit of suddenly disappearing from the Motability scheme for no obvious reason. As Lou says, catch ‘em while you can!

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    Good Morning Lou

    That’s great you got to order the car fab car soo comfortable totally agree in seeing it in the flesh but so hard to find cars in stock in the colours lol

    yes equally worried that they might remove it altogether.

    for everyone else most London dealers offer half an hour test drive so this weekend visiting my support bubble 90 miles away.  Vindis Audi in Peterborough offered me a test car for 1 and a half hours 🙂

    Good luck hope you get to see some colours in the flesh but white does look nice but was after something different in colour this time.
    I wish you happy miles and memories in the Q 3 fingers crossed not too long a wait 🙂


    ordered daytona grey and changed the wheels as test car was exactly what I was afterTest drive car

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    Thank you Glos Guy for the advice shame bmw was not on my list after my X1 the adaptive cruise control was awful not worth the money spent adding it when I queried it was still the same camera based so I decided on the Q3


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    Glos Guy

    Thank you Glos Guy for the advice shame bmw was not on my list after my X1 the adaptive cruise control was awful not worth the money spent adding it when I queried it was still the same camera based so I decided on the Q3 thanks

    Hi Baljt. Adaptive Cruise isn’t standard on the X1, it’s part of an optional and expensive Driver Assistance Package, so you don’t have to have it. I’ve ordered an X1 as I wanted a 2.0 litre 4WD SUV with a bit of poke and even though I’ve added quite a few options to it, I haven’t gone for the adaptive cruise. I have it in our current VW Tiguan and, like you, I’m not a huge fan of it. I actually prefer normal cruise control, which comes as standard.

    It might be too late now, but I meant to say that I didn’t realise that there are different types of hand controls and they vary enormously. The first time we had them the dealer recommended a company who fitted Jeff Gosling hand controls. The rods that connect the hand control with the pedals sat underneath the steering column and, as a result, I was often knocking my legs against them when I got in the car. Thanks to the advice on this forum (which you might find if you search) on our current car we went for a different make which has the connecting rods fitted inside the steering column, so doesn’t get in the way of my legs when getting in and out. The steering ball is a different make again and much better than the Jeff Gosling one. Apologies that I can’t recall the makes, but some research is well worthwhile.

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    Hi Glos Guy

    I remember that discussion as I put some pics up. Cowal hand controls if you tell them when ordering they can do a leather push pull handle for about £35 Won’t have any other make

    as you say not many know about them and that’s where the last bad experience was when someone fitted them. Obviously don’t fit many and was a poor fit which was half resolved.

    steering ball best one for looks is brig ayde quick release mushroom

    I love adaptive cruise control and need it to help drive. The bmw I paid extra for it waste of time. Lesson learnt make sure if adaptive cruise control it is the radar version not the camera one which is what is on the x1

    thank you for your time and thoughts on hand controls

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    Glos Guy

    Baljit – it must have been you who gave me the tip on the better hand controls then! Thank you so much. The ones you recommended have been far better than the Jeff Gosling ones we had before. Sadly, my wife’s disability has worsened and she can no longer drive now, even with hand controls, so our current Tiguan will be the last car that we have with them. As we are getting an X1 that’s probably a relief, as the X1 cabin feels a lot smaller than the Tiguan, so I think that they would be even more in the way for me.

    BTW, the Audi Q3 you are ordering looks lovely. That grey really suits the car and those alloys look very smart as well.

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    You’re welcome it’s nice to know the forum works in passing on advice to make people’s lives easier as living with a disability is hard.

    really sorry to hear about your wife’s disability worsening she will be in my thoughts

    thank you yes agree Daytona Grey and the alloys suit it worth the £150 just means saving a few more pennies else where seeing the test drive car in what I wanted sealed the deal.

    take care

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    Hello Baljit, I was not aware you could change the alloys. Did they have a few different options? I’m not having a test drive until Wednesday afternoon 😕

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    Hi Lou

    there are only two options the standard ones and the upgraded ones on the pic which are a extra £150

    then there is the 20 inch option which is too expensive

    best thing to do is go Audi website and build a Q3 to see various options and what they look like

    Good luck on your test drive

    take care

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    Ah ok I see Thankyou for explaining. Il probably stick to the standards, I’m assuming they are 19 inch?  I saw the 20 inch were quite expensive so won’t be adding them.

    Thankyou! I’m hoping the test drive is good 🙂

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