AUDI 10/11 week delay just came down.

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      Tech Pack Pro now on system.  Yessss!

      Was told at the beginning of November a possible 10/11 week delay due to a part for the camera.  Was also told with cautious optimism that the part could come in earlier.

      Well, the part has came in after 4 weeks.

      So hopefully looking at a 17 March delivery date now, instead of 28 April.

      Will update when I get my actual delivery date.  Cheers.

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        They have removed the 360 degree camera hence the £200 reduction


          Hi Trappy.

          Quite happy about £ 200.00 reduction.

          The Panoramic Sunroof, Advanced MMI, and that incredible sounding Sonos Sound System.  All I need….

          Just to let all audioholics know out there,, I currently have Naim Uniti Star, and the Auralic Vega G2, and Auralic Aries G2.1 in 2 different rooms.

          The Sonos comes so close to these listed above, it’s wonderful, and I look so forward to every drive.

          Will be finding excuses for that trip to the supermarket, sometimes multiple times.

          It’s that good.



            Strange?  I was told beginning of November to expect 10/11 weeks delay due to a part for the Tech Pack Pro, and to expect week build 6, and an estimated 28 April delivery.

            And then Tech Pack Pro came back on system last week, which I didn’t expect to be showing as an option until the week 11 – 18 January.

            Just got message saying that car is still same build week, and they’ll be in touch, if and when any update happens.


            Just thought Tech Pack Pro coming back on nearly 5/6 weeks earlier than indicated, meant a possible 5/6 weeks reduction in my waiting time.

            Any thoughts, and is this normal for Audi?




              My Q4 has now been built and is awaiting shipment. Looks like I may get it at start of January

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                Hi Masky,

                That’s great news.  You must be over the moon.

                Look forward to hearing your views on the car, and some pictures too.

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