Are you racist?

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    I think its very difficult to discuss racism without sounding racist.

    Seemingly someone at the Palace asked Prince Harry how black his son was likely to be, the Royal family have never had a black person, as far as im aware, within the family group so is this a reasonable question to ask or totally inappropriate/racist?

    If you entered into a room where you didn’t know anyone and there were four groups of people, one of black, Chinese, Indian and white and you join the white group what does that say about you?

    Is that only natural?

    Would the black, Chinese and Indian people do the same?

    If you are white and have no black friends or your black and have no white friends is that to be frowned on?



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    The only people who truly struggle to discuss racism are white people. That’s why they distract the discussion with silly theroretical questions rather than accept any responsibility for institutional bias or outright racism.

    If someone asking that question seems perfectly normal to you, then Im totally stumped. Totally. Though not surprised.

    Seeing as you are disabled, I presume you married to a disabled person and your children are disabled? How disabled? Perfectly reasonable to ask isn’t it?

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    psuader I’m not quite following you, so are you saying I am racist for the way I formed the question and don’t see it or is it just a stupid question to ask?

    I’m not sure what the disabled part of your response is about.

    I would like to discuss this topic sensibly without any anger or frustration can we do that like sensible mature adults or is a just impossible  to do that because of the subject being discussed.

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    Among strangers, I think most people would head for the group they think they’d have the most in common with.  A lone woman would probably head for a group of women, a lone man to other men.  A pensioner would most likely join other pensioners rather than the group of teenagers, and vice-versa.  That doesn’t make a person racist, sexist, ageist or anything else-‘ist’ – people just seek what’s most familiar in an unfamiliar situation.

    The Royal Family thing is a bit different to racism, I suspect.  I reckon it’s more a case of natural curiosity combined with a blundering lack of tact.

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    A very sensible reply Georgie.

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    Totally agree Pops, this is what we need level headed answers with no anger or frustration, thanks Georgie

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    Brydo, I would love an opportunity to discuss racism in a mature fashion, definitely. I clicked on the topic for that reason, hoping for that precisely.

    However the presentation of your question was subtly (and probably unconsciously) loaded. It isn’t difficult to discuss racism at all but by using this starting point you undermine a serious and deeply hurtful issue. It suggests people who complain about racism are irrational and shut down debate. So, in one go, white people become the victims!

    It wasn’t a racist question- it was loaded, pre-emptive and ill informed.

    When debate hinges on theoretical silly scenarios, like the ones you presented, this serves to demean the realities of racism, which has resulted in centuries of hate-fueled genocide at its worst, daily occurrences of abuse and bias and micro-aggressions, like your question sadly, at its least.

    So, sorry to say, your starter for ten got my hackles raised and any debate will be pointless.

    May I suggest some simple online research:

    This is a great starting point.



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    psuader my initial post was just a discussion starting point to get views from anyone interested. There was no intention to “load” the question just start a debate. I don’t know why you are so put out with the thread before there has been any comments, never mind dodgy comments.

    Please give your view on racism as that was why I posted the thread and I believe you could bring some good points that could be discussed.

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    Seems to me no matter what is said  these days someone is always going to be upset, offended, put out, whatever the subject.

    Seems other than Covid, it’s trans gender, same sex marriage complications, immigrants, racism, homelessness, disability segregation problems, along with politics, drug addiction & dealing, serious crime, murder, massive fraud, sex crimes of all ages, mostly covered on the evening News.

    Maybe it’s just what life has become.😕



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    Seems that way ajn, sadly.

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    I am British Asian (Indian), both my parents were from India and came to this country in the early 1950’s. My parents never taught us how to speak Indian, as a family we were no different to yourselves.

    Racism still does exist, but is nowhere as bad as it used to be when I was growing up, strangely even now it is the older generation who have the problem, the majority of the younger generation seem less bothered.

    I have found some of the so called educated people do not you being better educated and qualified than themselves.

    Do I worry about racism, no I cannot be bothered, you can take me as you find me, I just feel sorry for those with such small minds and high standards.

    For me the world is just too politically  correct, just live and let live, we are all the same just different.


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    Oscarmax my best friend at school was born in Pakistan. There were a group of five of us who were friends until our mid twenties. He got a bit of abuse growing up but dealt with it well. His family became really wealthy but arrived in the country with nothing.

    His elder siblings had arranged marriages all of which had major problems, although they are all still together. He was allowed to choose his own wife and chose a white Scottish girl and they are still married today.

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    I don’t care about racism as I have enough problems of my own to deal with & always have. If anyone wants to label me a racist then that is fine by me, I’m used to dealing with ignorant people.

    As for my own skin colour, well, mostly white with highly visible port wine stain birthmark, don’t start a skin colour debate with me as I’ll have you for breakfast.


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    @gothitjulie, That’s true seems lots of problems in the World, and for people personally, However this really hits the headlines the racism.

    Can’t see it ever going away like all the other undesirable things in life..

    Not a fan of the kneeling down thing either, just my opinion though..

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    Mike 700

    I have family members who are Danish, Czech, Israeli, American , Canadian and English, and four grandchildren of mixed race, but admittedly not of colour, and I have been called ‘Taff’ , ‘Sheep Shagg3r ‘ and ‘Boyo’ because I am Welsh (with English parents)- do I consider this name calling ‘ racist’ , well, if it is said by ‘pansy, plumb in the mouth, English puffs, then nah, I consider it a ‘win’ , ’cause I have obviously annoyed the bathplugs -oops is calling them pansy, and puffs racist , just joking ( there’s no rugby on ) honestly.

    My Dad always said ‘ you can call me what you like, just don’t call me late for breakfast’ – that is also my philosophy, there is far too much PC these days

    We have had dozens of foreign Students live with us, for periods of up to two years, mostly from France & Germany but also from Slovenia, Russia, Belgium , Spain. Portugal, The Middle East, China, Taiwan, & Japan, mainly in the age group 15 -19, & of all colours!

    I have to say, that they have been little or no trouble and it’s been a pleasure having them live with us as part of our family, and it was good for our kids also.

    At first some of the Germans seemed abrupt both in manner and speech, but this seems to ease off fairly quickly and they settle in very well, and certainly work hard at their schoolwork.

    We have never locked anything away or ‘lost’ anything ,and we would have no hesitation in welcoming them again to Chez 700.

    My children have several very good German & French friends who came to us as students and are now adults with their own families & all of whom are very nice people, quite modern in their outlook, if somewhat opinionated about Europe, and I recall many nights when we talked about the EU & Europe , often until the early hours.

    We have met , hosted and been the guests of their parents, and there was never any suggestion of rudeness or animosity towards us or the UK.

    However, sometimes whilst in filling stations or restaurants in Europe some people have appeared to be rude & indifferent, but this is not much different from some people in the U.K.

    I really don’t think that we are racist in this Country , although some people undoubtedly are, but as a Nation we are better than most.

    There was a report leaked to The Guardian newspaper, 6 or 7 years back, which they eagerly published , but actually being the Guardian,they only published a small part of it, heavily edited so that it could make the accusation that racism is on the increase in Britain.’

    The rising tide of prejudice in Britain – their story Line!

    But the Guardian report was a lie, false news, pure left wing inspired tosh – The full actual report ( which is available to read ) showed that the number of British people who said they were either ‘very or a little ‘ prejudiced, actually fell from 38% in 1987 to 25% in 2001, & went back to 38% in 2011. Note – Prejudiced not Racist .

    So no increase at all over a 14 year period.

    Also, what the newspaper deliberately failed to mention is that in 2012 it was down to 26% & then went up to 30% in 2013, and in 4 other years lately ,it averaged just over 30% – so less than the previous 14 years.

    There is a political agenda in many newspaper articles, with truth consigned to the bin!

    Actually, in the UK, pure racism is rare, thank God – it’s evil and should/ must be stamped out, but it is not a one way street as it includes hatred of white people as well.

    What we have in this country is large sections of the population, who see/ fear that their homes, jobs, children’s education, housing, culture etc is being threatened by a high level of unrestricted immigration – their genuine concerns over this is not ‘racism’ ..

    We as a nation, are far too ready these days to put ourselves down – as Someone indicated, looking from an outside point of view, we are not anywhere near as bad as a multitude of other countries.

    Where we have racists then we should deal with them , but we shouldn’t confuse discussion on immigration, or other religions ,with racism.

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