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    there’s a pipe outside the house connected to the toilet and it’s just pouring out with water, sometimes more water than other times. I think it might have something to do with the basin being full of water? Sometimes it stops coming out the pipe outside  when it’s been flushed but soon starts to overflow again. Does anyone have any idea to fix it (or even know what I’m on about) 😂

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    It sounds like the toilet overflow, the water inlet is controlled by a float valve, I’ve added a picture of a typical one. A ball float is screwed on the the left hand side of the black arm, the right hand side is hinged at the blue valve.

    When the toilet is flushed the ball float will drop in the cistern allowing the white plunger in the blue valve to come out and will open the valve. As the cistern fills the ball float rises and pushes the plunger in shutting the water off, this cut off level can be adjusted with the screw that pushes the plunger in, if you undo the lock nut and screw it in to suit the retighten the lock nut when done.

    It’s best to check if the valve is working first, take the top off your cistern and gently lift the ball float up to confirm the valve is actually working and is turning the water off.


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