Any litter pickers

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      Morning, Would anyone here know, or part of a litter picking group..

      For a while now we’ve been having littered items around where we live, whether it’s the wind/breeze or people passing just simply dropping litter.

      When I take my dog out I  take note along the grass area, then armed with my own purchased litter picker clear the way later on, or if I’m upto it.

      However I’ve had two break, simply because the cheaper ones aren’t strong enough.

      Been reading online, there are army’s of people who get together and go out in force, all tools provided, can I add I have no interest in such activity due to time and energy..

      Ive contacted the local authority for a freebie, anyone one no if I can get this sort of item if I’m just a one man band, or must I join the team type doings..

      No replies yet from the authorities contacted..🤨

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        Sadly not mate by the looks of it!

        Surely the council will give you a heavy duty picker upper if your going to do their job for them. Try the enviromental/refuse department 🙂


          Yes very true kezo, you’d think they would be throwing litter picker devices at me considering I’m doing the job for them 😆..

          Ive contacted various local groups for advice, keepbritaintidy, lovewhereyoulive etc, local Council, MP’s, even sent off to Drakef?(#..😁..




            So I can loan the equipment short or long term..

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