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    Hi all,

    last Thursday evening a cyclist (no helmet,no lights)crashed into the left side of my car as the lights turned green for traffic at a pedestrian crossing and the cyclist in question came from nowhere thinking it was safe to try and catch the pedestrian lights but got up snd fled the scene so got home to find scratches,chips and a cracked left windscreen so called insurance next day and called into police but no cctv footage but took officers details not only that but two days later was given details by a witness of a car that reversed into a space behind me scraping left side bumper then making off but have had to make a second claim as it doesn’t relate to first claim but RSA have stated that by giving witness and car responsible details the second excess may be waived as their able to chase it up ..sorry it’s long winded but what a week and I’m worried how it will affect my lease though I’ve had no accidents or claims in over twenty years..any advice would be welcome..stay safe 👍

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    @Footloose Your lease will be safe. So nothing to worry about there. It’s more to do with the number of claims in a given period.

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