who does the house work

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    typical sun clickbait.

    even when the wife was alive i did most of the cooking when i wasnt deployed and never had a problem doing housework. being in the army i did the ironing as she could never get the creases right. in fact we got together in part as she always got in trouble for having poorly polished shoes so i would bull her shoes for her and iron her uniform blouses as she struggled to get the creases right.

    even after she left the army i did all the ironing, but basically it was a team effort.

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    The spiders I think, there’s a carefully controlled dust experiment going on here.




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    I’ve moved this thread from the main forum to off topic, I’m not sure it has any place on the forum to be honest, but I’m sure it will soon disappear if we don’t feed controversial posts. If it wasn’t for lockdown I would say you need to get out more Martino lol.

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    I push the hoover around from time to time, do most of the daily stuff like the cooking and the laundry (DH has to lug the laundry basket up and down stairs though), and sweeping the kitchen floor.  DH has to do all the bending, twisting, ladder and lifting jobs, so most of the gardening is now down to him, as is the dusting, the polishing, cleaning the windows, washing the kitchen floor, etc.

    DH always say that anything I do means he doesn’t have to, so it’s still a help – but it still sucks.  He works from home full time as well, so looking after the house WAS my job.  As was painting and decorating, which I loved and was genuinely good at.

    Ho.  Hum.

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    I swiftly add that looking after the house was certainly not my only job.  I worked full time, too!

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    Well that would be me 🙂

    Living with an adult Autistic son I don’t have a choice, it’s either me or  it doesn’t get done!.  It’s been this way for almost 15 years since his mum walked out (not that she did much of it anyway!).  Despite my disabilities getting worse the work still has to be done.

    Luckily I had a great mum so I know how to cook the basics like roast dinners, mince & dumplings, stews, casseroles etc.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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