VW ID4 below £35k

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    VW have just launched a new model of the ID4 the ‘City’  below £35k and therefore eligible for the grant. Another model the ‘Style’ is below £40k. These prices are substantially lower than some of the ID3 models available on Motability so surely it is only a matter of time before the ID4 will be available on Motability ??

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    Fingers crossed that we see it on the list…

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    The Volkswagen ID.4 range has grown further, with City and Style variants of the 2021 World Car of the Year rolling out to UK customers. Both models bring the option of ‘Pure’ and ‘Pure Performance’ battery and motor specifications, with the former delivering 52 kWh and 148 PS, and the latter having 170 PS on tap, with the same 52 kWh net battery capacity setup. The new City also represents the new entry-point into the ID.4 range, and qualifies for the PIVG, which brings the car’s OTR price down to £32,150 (RRP).   should mean we start seeing them

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    Mind you, the ‘City’ model comes with steel wheels not alloys…….. penny pinching or what !!

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    Mind you, the ‘City’ model comes with steel wheels not alloys…….. penny pinching or what !!

    The base ID.3 only has 2 speakers, that’s VW for you…

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    Omg surely throwing steel wheels onto an EV is asking for trouble? Lower airflow over brakes etc & loads heavier.

    As for 2 speakers haven’t seen that since the 80s lol remember when some trim came with nothing?

    I wonder if they’ve done this to hit a target & don’t really expect people to buy them?

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    Lots of manufacturers use EV’s as premium products right now. Complete rubbish of course but they milk the profits hard.

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    Mike 700

    Just , this evening, received an email from VW regarding the ID.4, which has a model within the Government OZEV Grant criteria.

    Quote –

    ” Introducing the new ID.4 Pure City , and Pure City Performance. Like the rest of the range, both models are produced net carbon neutral*. Now you can own our 100% electric SUV from just £32,150 ( with the Government OZEV grant)”

    It looks to me that the lowest priced ID.4 Pure City which is the only one priced within the OZEV criteria, could arrive with Motability next quarter ( it will certainly be a way for VW to get a lot of ID.4’s ” out there”?

    The price is about the same as the ID.3 life at £32,470, which has an AP of £999, so it may be, I guess ( I hope 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞) , that the ID.4 will be offered at an affordable AP, but I’m not an expert on pricing the Motability product?

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    I’ll not recommend these cars with the 52kW battery unless someone doesn’t want to go very far, the 50kW mark was last year’s cars or earlier. The first adopters were willing to manage with that sort of battery capacity but it means relying on public chargers much more, & I was at Gridserve at Braintree today & they had kerbs to stop people in wheelchairs using the rapid chargers (can’t think of any other reason you’d put curbs there).

    Wait until the 77kW battery options arrive at least.

    As for steel wheels, that’s fine, brakes are used very infequently on EVs, most braking is done using regen, & it’s quite normal for EV brake discs to rust rather than wear out. So, after giving the EV a full charge you may find that you have no regen & the brakes get used until SoC hits 95%, but after that the brakes see very little action as there is space in the battery to put regen braking charge in (most people don’t usually charge an EV to 100% except for the monthly balance charge).


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    what i am hoping with this is like the id.3 the price allows other models to appear because base is below the limit

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