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    Do any of the forum members have one and if so would they recommend it please

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    Not got one however will be watching this too..

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    I thought, why do I need a Samurai-sword equipped bloke as a diner? Googling it revealed all. Suspect these devices will be like auto-toastie sandwich makers and Foreman grills: be used every day for first week of ownership then migrate to cupboard and hide at the back forever.

    As an enthusiastic cook, I’ll be interested to hear stuff about them. One thing I do have is a terracotta cookpot. Soak it in water for 40/45mins before cooking. Bung in chicken and cook for 90mins or so. Turning it once and draining any runoff. Most brilliant way to cook chicken (and other stuff). Always tender, moist and very tasty.

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    have to say i am in the Tharg camp doesnt do anything really that a decent set of saucepans and a cookbook wont do. i am a fan of slow cooked stews and casseroles i dont need a fancy gizmo to acheive good results.

    £150 buys a lot of ingrediants lol.


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    @Mitch  mmm beef stew & dumplings or dough boys as I was told as a boy..

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    I never could make dumplings properly.  My mum makes great dumplings, big and fluffy and yum, but mine always come out looking like golf balls.

    Our 4 sandwich (8 halves) Breville sandwich toaster has seem some use over the years.  Best filling?  Chilli.

    Favourite kitchen device – Tefal Actifry.  Gorgeous crunchy chips/wedges, ‘fries’ on a teaspoon of oil, plus perfect sausages.  Gets used at least twice a week.

    Fanciest kitchen device – Kenwood Chef.  We bought it mostly for making pastry and bread dough, which it does extremely well.  I’m not even allowed to move it, let alone use it, because it weighs an absolute ton – even the glass blitzer (great for smoothing out lasagne meat) is too heavy for me to lift!

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    So agree about the Kenwood. Brilliant tool. Only bought it because I had a bad hand condition which prevented me from mashing spuds. Life without mash? Wrong on so many levels! Having got the appliance I have used it for so many things which would otherwise be impossible: home-made burgers, tiramisu (need it to grate chocolate as well as mixing cheese etc.), coriander curry (liquidise the herb with marinade yogurt). Oh, and cakes. LOTS of cakes. Many more.

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