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    Tried to book the 1st service (12 month) on my motability mini today,but was told that the 1st service is after 2 years or 15k miles? Can anyone confirm this please as my previous 8 motability cars were all serviced after 1 year.Model is Countryman 2.0 D so don’t know if this makes any difference?

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    Yes that is right, a lot of cars have long life service intervals now. The car will tell you when it needs a service.

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    its right i had the same issue with 3dr mini cooper 7 auto it now goes in on the 18th after i tried to do it last year.

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    My first 3 Motability cars were VAG ones and only had 1 service and an MOT before return.

    Currently I have a KIA and was told by the dealer it has to be serviced every year but heard that from a VW dealer on the first year of my previous VW Golf only to be told that Motability would not approve of the service after turning up at the garage so another hour of my life wasted chasing my butt.

    Current car is one year old end of next month so I wonder if I will be chasing my butt again. I wish someone would tell us or to give it to us in plain English what they expect from us.

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes my Golf serviced every year once I went in March to my VW dealer after a year and he said 2 years or 20.000 miles I’ve now done 17000 miles ! I still had coffee and hob nob

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Thanks all,much appreciated. ??

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    My Alhambra had a service the 1st year with 13k on the clock, it’s now 2 years 8 months old and it’s now done almost 38,oo0 miles, 27,000 miles without anything being done to it and another 4 months worth of driving still to go, I pity the person who ends up buying it after it goes back thinking it’s been well maintained because it’s a motability car when in reality it will have run on the same oil and filters for over 30,000 miles.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Vinalspin it should not have been allowed to do 27000 miles without a service! There is usually a maximum mileage allowed between services and that is way over in my experience! Get it booked in ASAP and tell them the mileage you’ve covered since the last service if they object.</p>

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    Mine is down for a 12 month service in the paperwork I picked up with the car, but I now know motability more then likely will leave it till year 2.

    Odd as about 3 months ago, it was fine to book in for a levels check and top up and a visual inspection, clean and valet.

    They even picked it up and dropped it back, leaving me a loan car.

    Surely the cost of that is not far off a service.

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    Menorca Mike

    I get them to put wiper blades on free

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Update on this.Took the car in to have the “incorrect” service warning like re-set and hey ho after checking some details they told me it is in fact due for a service! Still only done just over 9k miles.Car is now booked in for 15 th October (longer wait because I went for the collection option) Baffled at the moment but will report back what happens next!

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    Most likely be a oil change and quick check. My bmw x1 diesel been twice for service in 28 months.

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    My golf has got to go in for oil service in 500 miles will be done 19000 miles dashboard reminder come up how longs it take to do this service at dealer ?

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