Getting electric? well read this first

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    Ok guys another post on some advice if going electric, to speed things up you need to find out who your network is run buy (not your energy supplier), this can be done by entering your postcode here scroll down to the map and click on the tab ELECTRICTY DISTROBUTION SUPPLIERS, then either enter your post code or look at location. once you have this ring them up and tell them you will be ordering a electric or phev but have read some horror stories on loops fuses and such.

    They should provide you with a email to contact regarding ev stuff, from here send a email over with a photo of your meter box, within a week you will be contacted back with a few questions. go through them (normally main one is what fuse size ect which sometimes is worn away from sticker in meter, if it is worn dont worry just tell them).

    The reason you should do this is because this will allow the network to mark your properties details down and what will be needed.

    Then when you order a car that needs a charger or if your going through an installer with a phev grant for install. when the installer looks up your address they dont have to wait for approval, you property is pre approved for a install, network knows what to do already as its noted on your file.

    Doing this can change a install date from 3 months to one week after application as they are already set up.

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    Great information  thanks

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    That’s fantastic, thanks, I hadn’t even thought about that.

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    Invaluable information. The best of what this forum is all about.

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    Nice one Rico.thanks for sharing

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    Here’s some more details about the type of meter box and fuses you need…

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    Great post Rico. This will help those looking to go EV in the near future and beyond. I will make this a sticky post as it is a good guide.

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    no problem guys, just wanted to make sure people had some info especially with the changes coming in with EV’s

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    I’ve just done this with UKPN I tweeted them & they sent me a link to provide a request which I’ve done should hear back in a few days.

    Thanks for the tip

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    Yes i looked at this and the video.  you need to make sure your house is not on a looped supply of electricity,  have a 100amp fuse installed at your electric meter, have earthed gas and water supply and finally do you have a spare fuse in your fuse box for the wall charger.  all these things can be overcome but the cost goes up.  im guessing the newer the house you live in the cheaper it is going to be.

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    Just tried this with UK Power Networks they pointed me at the eV installer paperwork, in short they dobt/won’t do anything until you have an install actually lined up & your installer “applies to connect”

    So no time saved or shortcuts there. Jordan from Artisan is always a good watch covers the subject well here saw that video a little while back when it popped up on my feed.

    UKPN did confirm any work they do will be FOC (ie change the main cut out fuse) altho some will need a sparky to replace the meter tails if the fuse is changed from say 60A to 100A which the householder will have to pay fir & will need doing before the fuse is changed.

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